Do-it-yourself Pallet Bench Plans – Recommendations 2020!

Is it comfortable and convenient to sit and relax on a pallet bench especially when you get tired somewhere? You can actually see it in the patio, porch, or even inside your house. However, creating your own pallet bench can make you feel satisfied which results from the construction, design modification, and customization of this furniture. So, with this, there are actually lots of do-it-yourself pallet bench plans available.

Do-it-yourself Pallet Bench Plans Recommendations

We have here different plans in making various pallet bench designs which primarily use old wood pallets as its major material. However, going on with this plan may require you to guarantee that the wood is not rotted and there are no chemical treatments being used. One thing to check on this is to know if you are using a national pallet that is used only for shipping within the country. These kinds of pallet do not usually undergo any kind of treatment.

Moreover, the pallets for international shipping basically contain stamp on the wood. This is an indication that the woods have already been heat-treated. So, better look for an HT stamp. Aside from that, another kind of treatment has KD stamp which means that the wood has been kiln-dried. This simply means that the wood or pallet is good and safe for use. 

Besides, making a do-it-yourself pallet bench plans means that you must also take into account holes filling in the wood. However, the use of recycled pallets can provide an enjoyable, natural-looking bench which is also great for outdoors. Furthermore, you can paint and decorate the wood easily and the greatly sourced pallets may last for a long period of time before any replacement. 

do-it-yourself pallet bench plans

Here are some of the do-it-yourself pallet bench plans that you must try to consider:

Simple Pallet Bench

Basically, this pallet bench plan is highly applicable in case your porch is lacking something chic.

Cushioned Pallet Bench

A pallet bench customized with extremely comfortable cushions is actually great in enjoying the rays of the winter sunshine. Aside from that, making this one of the do-it-yourself pallet bench plans can generally help you to get some sleep. 

Do-It-Yourself Corner Pallet Bench

The corner pallet bench can highly change the patio scene giving some flavors over the house parties. It is actually a great corner piece for a modular bench which is originally just a block out of wooden pallets.

Potting Pallet Bench

This one of the do-it-yourself pallet bench plans has some space for flower pots or planters to keep them beside the pallet bench. The potting pallet bench is generally perfect to start the springtime.

Outdoor Cozy Pallet Lounge

An industrial appeal of the interior may actually look better by the incorporation of the contrasting effect of this cosy lounge made of a wooden pallet. With this one example of the do-it-yourself pallet bench plans, you can basically enjoy the warmer months.

Old Pallet Storage Bench

Another do-it-yourself pallet bench plans is also an easy one. This old pallet storage bench is a simple rectangular box that has a removable lid. Moreover, the storage that it has is extremely perfect for storing kid’s toys, shoes, tools, and some essentials. Basically, making this old pallet storage bench only needs a couple of hours to finish it. The challenging part of creating this pallet bench is ensuring the fit of the lids on the bench.

White-Painted Wooden Pallet Bench

Even it is just a plain white paint coating the wooden pallet bench, the looks become very extraordinary. These do-it-yourself pallet bench plans combine well with the backyard which results in a soothing appeal on the eyes.

Rainbow Pallet Bench

do-it-yourself pallet bench plans
Image courtesy of Pinterest

When you opt for the versatility of style that comes from recycled pallets, this rainbow pallet bench is the best solution. Using just a single pallet and no back, the design of these do-it-yourself pallet bench plans is actually a simple one. The only thing that keeps this pallet bench on the top is that it offers a playful outcome which is great for the outdoor.

Pallet Bench Porch Swing

If you are a daydreamer which actually wanted to have an enjoyable summer afternoon on a weekend, then this pallet bench porch swing is a perfect one for you.

Pallet Hexagonal Tree Bench

Generally, the bench under the tree is very attractive and at the same time functional. Relaxing under this pallet bench is advantageous as you can sit comfortably under the shade of the tree. Moreover, this one example of the do-it-yourself pallet bench plans can generally restore the natural tree shape.

The materials of this pallet hexagonal tree bench take up to six pallets. Additionally, using the miter saw will guarantee the even-shape of the hexagon. Aside from that, you cannot experience any large gaps between the seats.

Under the tree, you may enjoy and relax with the summer breeze. This spectacular design of this one example of do-it-yourself pallet bench plans can make you feel comfortable even with the heat from the outdoor.

Wooden Chill-out Pallet Bench

Another example of the do-it-yourself pallet bench plans that has easy to follow instruction is the wooden chill-out pallet bench. With just a couple of hours, you can generally have the finish outcome of this pallet bench.

The material comes from two stacked pallets ensuring the steady fit of the legs and feet over the ground. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about the accurate measurements of the bench legs. Generally, you can have a low bench perfect for chilling-out as an amazing outcome.

Pallet Hallway Bench

Due to the versatility of the bench, it is not just perfect for garden use. Besides, they can also be used within the hallway providing you with a place to sit while taking off your footwear. You can also add some hooks and make its back a little bit high so that you could have a convenient area to hang your coat or jacket.

Day Bed Pallet Bench Plan

Basically, a day bed is a pallet bench with cushions over it. You can generally lounge on it or comfortably fall asleep. Four pallets can actually help you to create a day bed pallet bench within your lounging area. Put a small table at the end of the day bed bench to hold some drinks, book, or flower pots.

How to make a do-it-yourself pallet bench plans?

Generally, the way on how to make a do-it-yourself pallet bench plans depends on aiming its theme such as the rustic bench look of the seat. Actually, the goal is not to disguise the origin of the timber, just simply pick a pallet that has a strong shade and let it shine. This is a very affordable DIY project noting that you have some tools needed in doing it. Aside from that is having a cheap pallet, have it for free or you already own an old one.

Tools Needed:

  • Clamps
  • Mallet
  • Power drill
  • Saw
  • Screws
  • Set square
  • Tape measure
  • Wrecking bar or pry bar

Friendly Reminder:

Always wear appropriate safety protective gear while doing this project. Moreover, take extra caution in using the circular or powered saw.

1. Look for an old pallet

Basically, to maintain the pallet bench on its original form, it is better to look for an old or used pallet. However, check the pallet and, as much as possible, avoid one that is heavily damaged or warped. Australian pallets generally yielded the exact timber for the do-it-yourself pallet bench plans due to their dimension. You may try to consider their measurement if you have a different pallet dimension.

2. Disassemble

Through the use of wrecking bar and mallet, disassemble the pallet that you’ve found. Actually, this may be the challenging one because you are very cautious in making any damage to the timber.

3. Cut, paint, seal

Once all the nails on the pallets are completely gone, it’s time to cut the timber through the use of either power or hand saw. Try to use the following measurement:

  • 4 pieces of legs measuring 3 x 4 to 18 inches long
  • 2 x 38 inch long
  • 2 x 11 inch long

Now, for the framing of the do-it-yourself pallet bench plans, choose the least attractive boards. After choosing around 3 to 4 pieces of the best lumber, cut them in an even size about 39.5 or 40 inches in length. After that, sand it and give it some paint to have attractive finishing touches.

4. Assemble the frame

Into the rectangular frame, screw all the frame of the 38 and 11 inch pieces.

5. Clamp and put the legs

In the inside portion of the frame, basically clamp the legs. Use two screws in attaching the legs on each side.

6. Inspect the bench and prevent the wobble

Basically, stand the bench upright over a flat surface then inspect the legs of the do-it-yourself pallet bench plans if they have the same height. If necessary, adjust the position of the legs. Theoretically, it is required to check the square. But since it is a pallet timber, bear in mind that it is a common thing not to see a milled square and timber that is warp-free. Always make some adjustments until achieving a stable bench that doesn’t wobble.

7. Affix the bench seat

Regardless of the dimension of the pallets, there is actually at least three to four length requirement for the top, Generally, screw up the lengths into the frame and incorporate a small bracing board in a cross shape in the underneath position. This will usually provide additional strength if needed.

Final Thought

There are actually various designs available when it comes to the do-it-yourself pallet bench plans. But, whatever the design and the method it takes to come up with a pallet bench, the important thing is accomplishing an attractive pallet bench output. Doing this affordable furniture may generally give you a very comfortable and cosy feel anywhere inside your home.