The Best Power Drills for Home Use

When it is necessary to make a hole in a wall or a board, there are plenty of options to get the job done. One option is that you can grab a hammer and a nail and start pounding. I still know several people who prefer this method even though it is quite difficult to control the depth of the hole. On the other hand, you can just carefully choose the right tool to make the job easier. It is amazing how these tools can create perfect holes in different sizes either for hanging pictures or fixing broken furniture. Best of all, you can do this while keeping your hands from getting dirty. Also, choosing the best power drill for home use can be quite difficult especially if it is your first time. This is because of the hundreds of choices available in the market.

Do not worry, you found the right article that will help you make an informed decision. Upon careful evaluation we came up with the top 3 best power drill for home use. Moreover, this article will also help you understand what a power drill is, its types, and important things to consider when buying one.

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Best Power Drill for Home Use: Types of Drills

When looking for the best power drill for home use, you will be faced with several types of drills. For this article, we will discuss the two most popular types of drills, the cordless and corded power drill.

1.Cordless Power Drill

When talking about power drills, the most popular type is the cordless power drill. What makes cordless power drill the most popular type of drill is its compatibility and power. Also, you do not need to work with long cords while making a hole in that wall. Normally, cordless power drills are equipped with rechargeable batteries that can last for several hours. Apart from that, the batteries are located below the handle so it somehow balances the in your hand.

Also, the capacity of its battery is measured in Volts. The drill power of the unit is also measured in volts. Another great thing about this type of power drill, is that it allows you to work anywhere even without a power outlet. Nevertheless, if you think that you need several hours to work on something, you may want to secure a spare battery. This is so that you can still continue working while recharging your other battery. In this way, you you will not waste a minute while recharging the battery.

On the off chance you are willing to invest on high priced cordless power drills, make sure to look for power drills with more amp-hour ratings. More amp-hour ratings mean longer running time of the tool. But of course, there are also other factors that affect the battery life of the tool – the type of material you are working with, how much you charge the battery, and if you are continuously using it.

2.Corded Power Drill

Because of the amazing benefits of the cordless power drill, few people only use corded power drill. In the present times, people who use corded power drills are usually your dads and grand dads. Surprisingly, they believe that corded power drills are more effective. Also, they think that it will do their job much faster. While corded and cordless drills promises to make perfect holes in various sizes, they just differ when it comes to portability and battery life.

In the present times, corded drills are still somehow popular despite the existence of cordless drills in the market. This is primarily because cordless drills cannot always level it corded drills when it comes to power. On the other hand, this gap was addressed with the newer best power drill for home use.

Aside from that with corded drill, you do not have to think about running out of battery while you are doing your work. As long as you have power outlet, you can work for longer hours without the need to stop from what you are working on just to recharge the battery.

Best Power Drill for Home Use: Things to Look For

When looking for the perfect power drill, it is important to understand the different characteristics of these tools. Even though power drills look similar regardless of their types, each are created uniquely.

Check these things when looking for the best power drill:

* Amps

Like what I have mentioned in the earlier part of this article, if you want a power drill with long battery life, look for higher amps. If your purpose of buying power drill is for home use, a corded drill with 5-8 amps is enough. On the other hand, if the power drill is for business purposes, you should buy one with higher amps. Otherwise it will take you longer hours to finish the job.


Once you start looking for power drills, specifically cordless drills, you will notice that most of them are equipped with Li-ion battery. This is because Li-ion batteries last for hundreds of uses. Not only that, they also give sufficient power to operate the drill for continuous hours of usage. The older versions of cordless drills are equipped with NiCD rechargeable battery.


Between the two types of power drills, cordless drills have spinnable handles that lets you tighten and loosen the chuck. The chuck is responsible for holding the bits of the drill. If you are not using the drill, you can loosen the chuck to get rid of a bit. On the other hand, tighten the bit before using the drill. Most older versions of power drills require a key to tighten or loosen it.


While this feature is not deemed as important for each drill, you might still prefer to buy a drill with light that is located close to the chuck. Also, this light is a great feature that lets you work even in dark places. If you think that you will not always be working in dark conditions, it would be fine to buy a power drill without the light feature.


The speed of the drill is another important thing to look for when shopping for a power drill. Each drill has different level of speed, it evaluates the resolution per minute, also known as RPM, the head of the drill can perform. The faster the speed, the better holes the drill make. If you will just use the drill for driving screws, a slow or average speed setting will work just fine.

*Comfort and design

Comfort is important when it comes to power drills. Also, it should not be too large or to heavy. Remember, you will need to hold for several minutes.

A power can feel great the first time you hold it, but this does not mean it still comfortable use after a few hours. Consider the type of work that you need to do with the tool. Furthermore, gauge the power you want against the weight and the size so that you will feel comfortable even after few hours of holding it.

The design of the drill greatly affects how comfortable it is to hold. Normally, a power drill comes in two designs. The first is the T-Handle wherein the handle is located at the center of the drill body. What is great about this design is that it balances the weight perfectly.

Our Top Pick

OUR TOP PICK: Makita Power Drill

Product Name: Makita Electric Power Drill

Product Description: The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2-Inch Hammer Driver-Drill (tool only) uses both speed and torque in a handy size. For improved versatility, it can be utilized as a driver-drill or a hammer driver-drill and is made for use in wood, metal, masonry, and concrete. Also, the rubberized soft grip gives increased comfort on the work. All metal aims for improved durability. Suitable with Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries with a Star symbol.

Availability: InStock

  • Speed and Power
  • Comfort
  • Overall Quality
  • Value for Money


The Makita power drill is perfect for almost all kinds of job. It is handy, comfortable to grip, and has 4 pole motors that deliver 480 in-lbs of Max torque. Aside from that, the two-speed design covers wide range of drilling, driving, and hammer applications. 



Comfortable to use

Dual Led Lights with Afterglow 

Rubberized soft grip



none so far



Our Runners Up

Porter Cordless Power Drill

The Best Power Drills for Home Use

Product description:

This porter cable 20V Max Cordless power drill is perfect for small and large applications. Aside from that, it also makes your job easier and faster without feeling tired.

What is great about this cordless power drill, is it utilizes lithium ion battery platform for power tools. Morever, this kit includes all the tools that you will need for drilling a hole or fixing your furniture. With its design that aims to provide comfort to the user, you will not feel tired at all. Also, thanks to its compact design. It is very handy and easy to bring from one place to another.

Even though this product claims that it minimized fatigue, they made sure that speed and power are not compromised. This is made possible by the two-speed gearbox and high-output motor.


This high-performance motor provides 330 Unit Watts Out. 2 Speed gearbox (0-400/0-1,600) delivers the power required to accomplish large and small applications. The chuck that is made of metal lessens bits accidentally removing in the chuck. Aside from that, the battery gauge shows the remaining charge.

Aside from that, this cordless power tool is equipped with LED light that brightens dark work conditions. The dimensions of this product are (7 3/4″ length). It only weighs (3.5lbs) which allows the tool to operate even in tight places and lessens user fatigue. The 20V Max Lithium Ion batteries with 1.5 amp/hour cells provide extra power and period in a smaller package


This cordless power drill for home use is perfect for small and large applications. It is very compact and handy yet powerful at the same time because of the lithium-ion batteries. This kit includes all the tools that you will need for drilling a hole or fixing your furniture. With its design that aims to provide comfort to the user, you will not feel tired at all.

  • Lithium-ion innovation
  • Compact
  • With metal ratcheting chuck
  • Led light
  • None so far

Runner Up

Milwaukee Power Drill

The Best Power Drills for Home Use

Product description: Last but definitely not the least on our list is the Milwaukee Electric Tools Hammer Drill. This is product is very easy to use and promises to meet customer requirements. Apart from that, they raise the bar for the 12V performance with best in class driving speed, power, and size.

By focusing on efficiency, this power drill gets the work done faster by staying over 20% faster in application speed vs. other drill tools. Moreover, this tool outputs over 1, 300 in. Lbs. Of torque that lets the user get more work done by accomplishing a wide range of fastening. It measures only 5.1” in length which permits for unmatched access in tight spaces.


The dimensions of this product are 3 x 8 x 8 inches. It only weighs 2.4 pounds. The material is made up of metal and plastic and it is operated by battery. Included in the components are power drills, corded drills, and power drill drivers.


Get your job done much faster with this lightweight power drill. This product focuses more on productivity and performs 20% faster compared to other tools.

  • Easy to use
  • Battery Powered
  • 12V Performance
  • Not made up of superior quality materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do i choose drill for my house?

A: It is relevant to buy a drill that is suitable for your work or tasks. One way to know this is through the chuck size. Also you can depend on the size of the bit that the chuck can receive.

Q: Must I buy an impact driver or a drill?

A: While a driver does its job, you will have more amazing results if you use the drill. Even though it is not as fast as the driver, quality will no be compromised. As a matter of fact, you can even improve it.

Q: Ho much should i spend on a power drill?

When buying a power drill, it would be better to invest on high priced drills that are made of superior quality materials. Also if a drill is quite expensive, it means that it is more powerful and faster. Good quality power drill must be around 80-150 USD. If it is less than that, it is also fine but expect that you will encounter problems sooner or after frequent use of the tool.

Final Words

When it comes to making perfect holes in the wall, wood, and fixing or working on a furniture, it is best to include a power drill in your tools. It is useful and will help you accomplish your work faster. Upon careful evaluation,we found out that Makita Power Drill is our top choice. Aside from that, you can also choose from the Porter Power Drill and Milwaukee Power Drill.