How to Make a Playhouse Out of Wood

A playhouse fulfills a child’s need for exploration and imagination. A playhouse can become a castle, spaceship, and enchanted spaces in the mind of a child. If you have children, give them a great childhood experience by building a playhouse for them. The best material for a playhouse is wood since it is easy to obtain, affordable, and can be cut to any size. How to make a playhouse out of wood if you don’t have carpentry skills? Usually, a playhouse will have an uncomplicated design, so following a DIY such as you will find in this article can help you build the perfect playhouse.   

How to Make a Playhouse Out of Wood

How to make a playhouse out of wood–best wood materials

Before you start building a playhouse, you must first analyze the best woods to use for your project. There are several lumbers to choose from, and things can get confusing. Below is a list of woods and their primary features. Choosing the best wood to make a playhouse out of wood is crucial to saving you time and money.

Pine Wood

Pinewood is affordable and sustainable. It is one of the best materials in how to make a playhouse out of wood.  It is perfect for building playhouses. Pinewood that has been properly treated will give your playhouse durability that will last for years. Your pine wood must have proper treatments since it is vulnerable to insects and rot. Treated pine helps you build a safe and durable playhouse that is clean and won’t be eaten away by molds. Pine also has an absorbent quality, so they hold stains and paint easily. If you want to endow your playhouse with a particular aesthetic with paint and décor, it is an easy thing to achieve if you are handling pine.


If there is a lot of temperature changes in your area or extreme weather conditions, Cedar is the best material. It is perfect for how to make a playhouse out of wood. Cedar is strong, durable, and doesn’t yield to the elements. It is water-resistant, and bugs don’t penetrate it easily. Even if you use untreated Cedar, it could still last you a long time. Even if it absorbs water, it won’t change its size. The firmness of the wood against water will keep it from warping. It is also absorbent so you can decorate it with paints and stains. However, it will maintain its grainy features. It’s a little more expensive option than pine, though.


Redwood is also another thick and durable material and good material for building playhouses. It is strong against water and insects. This perfect for how to make a playhouse out of wood. It is resistant to its core and not just in the surface area like with treated woods. Redwood will make a durable playhouse, and your masterpiece will still stand up to the adult years of your child. Redwood also has a fantastic color, so treating it is not required. You may not have to apply paint or stains since redwood as it is can be quite stunning. You’ll have to pay top price for this timber, though, but you will be getting value for your money.

Avoid these woods in your playhouse project

How to Make a Playhouse Out of Wood

You should veer away from certain woods when constructing a playhouse.


Oak is a sturdy and a premium wood, so it’s good for building a playhouse, right? It’s not good for building a playhouse at all. Avoid oak in how to make a playhouse out of wood. The primary reason is oak is an ultra-hard wood. It will be very difficult to work with. The wood is also rather heavy, so you will need extra effort to erect it. Also, a playhouse will be put outside, and oak tends not to hand moisture well. It gets damp and rots easily. Your playhouse won’t be standing for very long. The last reason is the oak is so expensive. Ultimately choose some other wood for your wooden playhouse and reserve oak material for indoor wood projects such as furniture building.


Your playhouse will be exposed to the wind and rain outside, and press boards are not suitable. Do not ever use this in wow to make a playhouse out of wood. In fact, they get destroyed the moment heavy rain hits them.  Your particleboard will be melting like butter under the rain. Don’t be attracted to its affordable price. This material is strictly for indoor projects. You will be wasting your time and efforts if you choose pressboard

How to make a playhouse out of wood–Step-by-step advice on assembling a children’s playhouse

Features of the playhouse will be building in this project:

  • Wood material
  • Peaked roof
  • small separated porch

Things to consider before beginning your project:

  • development permissions
  • selecting the location
  • preparing the location

Some frequently asked questions:

Does building a wooden playhouse require permission?

Playhouses are building structures outside, and they are allowed developments by most planning authorities. They do not require special permission. However, it still pays to check the permissions allowed in your area to avoid nasty surprises. You don’t want to be building a playhouse only to find you will have to tear it down or pay fines in the end. You have to make sure you follow all rules and regulations in how to make a playhouse out of wood

How to select a location for your playhouse?

How to make a playhouse out of wood? The playhouse is a structure you will be putting in your garden or yard, so you must choose a good location for it. Survey your property and choose a spot that you think is firm and level. The next thing to consider is the amount of light revived, so choose a spot with a lot of natural sunlight. It is also crucial to consider your neighbors, so choose a site that is out of your neighbor’s view. The playhouse should also be accessible and in an easy to reach area for maintenance.

The land you will be erecting it on should also be as dry as possible and doesn’t flood.  Once it is finished, the playhouse should be viewable from your home so you can easily supervise your children. Lastly, the playhouse should not be under any trees, so there will be less risk of branches falling and hurting your children. Also, a location under a tree means you will be cleaning the rooftops come fall.

Preparing the site for your playhouse- How to make a playhouse out of wood

Once you have decided on your playhouse’s location, you should make sure the ground is well-prepared before you start erecting the structure.

You can choose either decking, pavement, or concrete as a base for your playhouse. Lay these foundations from scratch or build on existing surfaces.


The decking should match the style for your house. The deck can be styled according to your specifications. Paint it and decorate it to create a unique look. You can choose from a wide variety of decking options in hardware and building supply stores.


There are many slab options which can be purchased as multiple pack or single packs. When you choose paving choose the most suitable one for your playhouse base.


Concrete is another option that can be used as a base for your playhouse. There are many tutorials that will guide you on how to lay down a concrete base. This type of material can be decorated with finishes that can add more appeal to the playhouse’s final structure.

Safety first

A playhouse is a small project and can be finished by two adults. When aligning the main sections, two adults can help each other in erecting the wooden structures. It is crucial to keep the children away from the construction site. It is important to remember safety first and put on protective gear while working.

How to make a playhouse out of wood- 11 Steps

How to Make a Playhouse Out of Wood

First Step-deck frame

Determine the dimensions of the playhouse you may want to build. Measure and mark the lengths. Drill on the holes and build the deck frame. Use exterior wood screws.

Second step- deck boards

Measure and mark the deck woods to the desired length, Make holes, and attach the deck board to the deck frame using screws.

Third step- front panel

Again, measure and mark wood to the desired length. Cut it. Drill holes to the ends and construct the front panel. Use screws to attach the pieces together. The pocket holes can be placed outside of the structure since the tongue and groove of the wood slab will hide them later on.  

Fourth step- back panels

Measure and cut wood to the desired length. Drill holes into the edge of the stiles and create the back panel. Use exterior pocket screws. Place the pocket hole outside since the tongue and groove of the slabs will hide them.

Fifth step-two side panels

Cut and measure the wood to the desired length. The top angles should be five degrees. You should hold the angles firmly and mark them. Cut the length for an exact fit. Cut throughout until it fits snugly. Drill holes in the edges of the rails and create the side panels. Use screws to connect the pieces. Attach two side panels together. Place the pocket holes on the structure’s exterior. The side panels should be reversed versions of each other.

Sixth step- erecting the structure

Drill holes and attach the three major pieces together: the side panels, front panels, and back panels. Use wood screws from the front panels and back panels and attach the side panels. The screws should be separated approximately six to eight inches from each other. Attach the frame of the structure to the deck.

Seventh step- roofing

Measure and cut the roof material to the desired dimensions. Drill holes and fasten the roof to the playhouse with wood screws in the front panel and back panel, including rails and supports. Another way to attach roofing is to drill holes on the roof ends and fasten them to the structure of the playhouse with screws.

Eight step- window trim

Measure and cut the desired length. Attach the trim to the window and use nails and glue. Do the same procedure as the other window.

Ninth step: widows and door trims

Measure, mark and cut wood to desired length. Attach the wooden trim to the window with nails and glue. Drill some holes into the dividers in the windowpane and attach the rest of the trim with screws.

Tenth step- sheathing

Measure and mark the desired sheathing dimensions. Drill holes and fasten the roof of the structure with wood screws. Choose from a wide array of roofing materials such as shingles, roof panels, or metal an install it following directions from the manufacturer.

Eleventh step- painting and finishing touches

Paint the exterior and interior of the playhouse structure with your desired colors. You can use decorative lattices to conceal openings on the platform. An interesting detail you can add are steps. Cut the wood to the desired size and create some steps leading up to your brand new and freshly constructed playhouse. 

Some tips– How to make a playhouse out of wood


Waterproofing a playhouse

Your playhouse will be standing outside under the elements, so you may want to give it extra protection. Use a silicone sealant on the ridges of the roof. Put the sealant on the interior portion of the panels on both sides. The sealant should dry clear. The sealant won’t change your playhouse’s aesthetics but instead will offer it a layer of protection when a downpour comes.

Protecting the playhouse

It is crucial to protect the rest of the playhouse and not just the roofing. The rest of the playhouse can be applied with a stain to enhance the wood material’s colors. After this step, a wood preserver or varnish can be applied. There is the option of getting a colored wood preserver although this will be more expensive

The flooring of the playhouse

A playhouse will be cozier and warmer if you use wooden flooring. A concrete or asphalt material is not advisable. If you have to use these materials, you still have to attach a wooden flooring over them for safety.

Final thoughts

Playhouses are amazing, and you will be creating happy and memorable experiences for your children by giving them this wonderful gift. It is easy to construct wooden playhouses, and materials are readily available. You only need basic carpentry skills to create a fine-looking playhouse. Choose materials well so you will have one durable structure that will last for years and even generations.