How to Build a Metal Shed from Scratch – Basic Guide 2020

The popularity of metal sheds exists since many decades ago. Metal sheds generally have bold colors, resistant to weather, and actually low-maintenance. In the case of backyard storage, metal sheds are really an affordable alternative. You’ll only need to learn how to build a metal shed from scratch.

In this blog post, we will share the step-by-step guide on building a metal shed. Aside from that, we will also give you an idea of the best things about metal sheds. So, if you are excited to create your new backyard storage, check them out below!

Best Features of Metal Sheds

Actually, metal sheds are storage that entails a broad range of quality. However, this feature may still vary from manufacturer and from the brand. Perhaps, some features of metal sheds come in common between them.

how to build a metal shed from scratch

Use true dimensions versus the nominal size

Most of the time, the most common scene when it comes purchasing a shed measuring 10×12 is ending up having 9′-2″ or below. And this always comes true. This actually happens because lots of the manufacturers of metal shed advertise their buildings through the nominal size. In terms of metal sheds, the nominal size acts to use the broadest roof structure dimensions in size advertisement.  

The nominal size always offers the shed dimensions which is actually the measurements of the roof-edge rounded off to the closest foot. Generally, the nominal size should not be used in building the base of the metal shed.

Advertisement of dimensions when it comes to the metal sheds often utilizes the true and edge-to-edge measurements. In this case, just guarantee that you review the fine print before you proceed on the process on how to build a metal shed from scratch. This way, you wouldn’t get surprised and expect a lesser storage capacity.

Contains gauge metal panels that are heavier

Usually, the measurement of the metal panels used on how to build a metal shed from scratch is through the gauge. Bear in mind that if the gauge number is lower, the metal is generally thicker. For example, you have a metal shed gauging 22 which means that this metal is very thick. Meanwhile, a very thin metal shed has a measurement of 34 gauge.

Generally, thicker metal panels will have a great effect on the final price of the metal shed. However, the heavier the gauge metal panels means the higher wind rating it has. Moreover, it is more resistant to hail and the sound is more structured. Likewise, if the metal panels are stronger, the stress to put over the actual metal shed frame is lesser.

Contains heavy-duty frame

Actually, if the frame you will use on how to build a metal shed from scratch is weak enough, there will be a high potential for vulnerability. Always check the standard specifications of the metal shed’s frame. Most of the cheap metal sheds have a metal frame that is light in weight.

This will generally help in supporting the panels for walls and roof. Meanwhile, the best metal sheds have robust frames which are made in a combination of wood. Besides, it contains wood and fixed with high-quality fasteners and plates.

Includes built-in floor

One way on how to build a metal shed from scratch is to create a customized floor prior to attaching the metal shed. It can either be creating a platform made of wood or pour a block of concrete to form a pad. Doing this will take you to exert a little effort to prepare the site where you will do the work on how to build a metal shed from scratch.

Do not need assembly

Actually, purchasing a built-in and completely finished metal shed does not really require a meticulous assembling process. There are generally some individuals who’d like to combine things up together just to enjoy and be entertained. That’s why many people are trying to learn the process on how to build a metal shed from scratch.

It is highly secure

Keep in mind that if the metal shed is easily created and put up together, this also means that it can also easily snapped apart. Metal sheds made of high-quality materials entails securely screwed panels over the frame instead of just snapping them together. Aside from that, also remember that it should also contain a lockable latch of high quality. Also, remember that there should be inside locking for the windows as well.

Pre-painted with broad color option

The way on how to build a metal shed from scratch should have to consider the paint. Actually, moving out the things inside the metal shed to put it a new shade after building it up is the last thing you want to do. Generally, the metal sheds materials, like the steel, include a finishing material of either vinyl plastisol or electro-galvanization. Both of these finishing touches have few color selections.

how to build a metal shed from scratch

However, another way on how to build a metal shed from scratch is the addition of paint which requires a do-it-yourself approach. Moreover, you could also try to wax the metal shed every other year to maintain its condition. Besides, there are metal sheds, especially those made of high quality, have durable panels and pre-painted with broad color selections.  


Basically, buying a metal shed usually entails its affordability. Most of the time, low-quality metal sheds are generally cheap. Perhaps, the high-quality one comes at an expensive price. Moreover, another approach to get an affordable metal shed storage is renting a unit of a self-storage per month. However, this option may potentially put your money on trash without the benefit of long term use.

Aside from that, you could also try to purchase a cheap metal shed. But, doing this will generally allow you to risk having a new collection of scrap metal after the storm. Also, one good option is to learn how to build a metal shed from scratch. This will generally help you to save more on your bucks but will offer you a lot in terms of customization.

Basic Process on How to Build a Metal Shed from Scratch

Building and installing a metal shed from scratch can somehow be a tough process. Generally, the process on how to build a metal shed from scratch may let you experience the slipping of the drill. This mistake will basically leave a hole over your metal shed. Moreover, remember that the metal panels are made of thin and flimsy material which can be difficult to hold during the assembling process.

Below is the simple guide that can actually help you to know what holds the panel and the first part to attach first. So, let’s start learning the guide on how to build a metal shed from scratch.

1. Installation of floor frame

Basically, the floor frame holds all of the wall panels present. This is generally the initial step on how to build a metal shed from scratch after building the foundation. Measure the entire corner in a diagonal position. Basically, this will ensure that the floor frame is in square shape.

Moreover, keep in mind that the measurements are similar to be able to come up with a perfect square frame. After that, it is time to fix the floor frame on the metal shed foundation.

2. Stand up the walls

Generally, gather the walls, put them up, and secure them all. Since the panels are flimsy, this step on how to build a metal shed from scratch can be fiddly. The panel behavior of being flimsy will continue until the panels are collected together. Basically, it is very advantageous to ask a hand from someone to help you in doing this.

3. Hold the walls together

Another step on how to build a metal shed from scratch is to hold the walls together. Actually, there are available braces in the market that hold the walls in order for them to stick with each other. Besides, another part of this is the door trim which will act to keep the surrounding door area very much stronger.

4. Affix the roof

There is also a part of the metal shed which is called as the gables. This part is in the front and back of the metal shed. As part on how to build a metal shed from scratch is the installation of the gables. Subsequently, install the beams of the roof which will provide a firm foundation in installing the roof panels. Moreover, this is also the part where the screws of the roof panels will basically sit.

5. Water tighten the roof

Part of the roof of the metal shed storage contains a center and side coverings. Generally, one of the steps on how to build a metal shed from scratch is to maintain the water out of the roof in a successful manner. Besides, you also need to secure the roof as well.

6. Installation of the doors and windows

Finally, the last step on how to build a metal shed from scratch is the installation of the door. In case you plan to put any windows, the addition of it can also be done along with the door installation.

Helpful Tips on How to Build Metal Shed from Scratch

Check these tips below to help you build a metal shed from scratch easily and successfully:

  • Since building up a metal shed entails numbers of screws, you need to have a drill with you. In case you hire a helper, don’t forget to give them this tool as well.
  • The minimum tool required for doing this project is a drill, ladder, and a measuring tape. All of these can actually help you to complete the installation process successfully.
  • Ensure that the surface of the metal shed is flat and on even level. Basically, line up the holed during the assembling process. If you don’t, it will result in the entering of water inside the shed.
  • In case you find some water inside the metal shed, always remember that this is due to the reason that some parts are not fixed out properly. A quick solution for this is plugging the hole through the silicone.

Final Thoughts

How to build a metal shed from scratch is actually a tough process. Making some mistakes in building this storage like slipping of the drill will generally result in the presence of holes around the metal shed. Yet, doing the process as instructed will help you to successfully achieve a customized metal shed based on your preference.