Best Screwdriver Set for Mechanics – 5 Options to Consider

Yes. Even the mechanics need the right set of screwdrivers to work better. If you are one of them, then go ahead and pick the best screwdriver set for mechanics.

The best part about working as a mechanic you would have a wide range of screwdriver sets to use. This is because there are many manufacturers in the market that offer such sets right now.

With many options available, sometimes it can get confusing about which is the best. For this reason, we have come up with a buying guide plus the top 5 best screwdriver sets for mechanics. You should now have an idea of what makes the screwdriver set good for a mechanic.

SetBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
Olsa Tools Magnetic Screwdriver Set Check Price
OEM TOOLS 2399 Mechanic’s Screwdriver Set Check Price
GEARWRENCH 20 Pc. Screwdriver Set Check Price
Klein Tools 85078 Screwdriver Set Check Price
Sunex 1120SS Combination Screwdriver Set Check Price

What to Consider When Buying the Best Screwdriver Set for Mechanics

The head types

As a mechanic, you need the best screwdriver set for mechanics with all the possible head types. Some of the head types you are likely to come across include Phillips, flat head, Torx, and clutch type.

Depending on the applications, you can even come cross the hexagonal hole screws which need Allen wrenches to unscrew or screw them.

What you need to do is check out the different types of screwdriver tips available in the set before making up your mind.

Go for a set with as many head types as possible. This will make the set more versatile to handle the different types of applications you might have as a mechanic.

The number of pieces in the set

Depending on the set, some can have more pieces while others only a few pieces. In most cases, the best screwdriver set for mechanics would have five to twenty pieces of screwdrivers in the set.

If you want more pieces in a set, then you need to be willing to spend more. However, you need to get a set with usable pieces of screwdrivers. There is no point of having too many pieces that cannot be used for various applications that you have to handle.

So, having more pieces of flatheads and Philips heads should be fine for a mechanic.

The Handle

It might not look much, but the handle of the screwdriver can determine if you have an easy time using it or not. As such, it is important to look for a comfortable screwdriver depending on the material and design of the handle.

If the material is cheap and the handle feels cheaply made, then it might ruin your whole working experience.

The quality of the material is important as it gives you the right grip that you need when working. A good grip can come in handy when you need to unscrew the tight screws.

The screwdriver length

The length will vary from one set to another. Having the small sized screwdrivers can be ideal for those who need to handle the hard to reach areas. You can also switch to taller screwdrivers if the space allows so that you can have more leverage.

It is why most if not all sets will have both short and tall screwdrivers. This allows you to switch between them depending on the demand.

The shaft material

Another important consideration is the shaft material. This material is supposed to be strong so that it can handle all the torque being applied to it.

Depending on the screwdriver set, the most common material is heat-treated chrome vanadium steel. This material is highly durable and remains rust resistant.

Magnetized tips

Anyone who has worked with unmagnetized tips knows how annoying they can be with dropping the screws from the tips all the time.

It is why you need to get the magnetized tips so that it is easier to screw or retrieve the screws easily. Even though more of the screwdrivers will be magnetized, you still need to get one with a proper magnetic grip. Such will ensure that it holds the screws even better.

Organization and Storage

You never underestimate the importance of organizing and storing of your screwdrivers. This is because without proper storage, you will start to lose them one by one.

Having a carrying case or a tray helps in organizing the screwdrivers better and also transport them with ease.

Look at what options available when it comes to finding the screwdriver sets with the best organization tray or case.

Top 5 Best Screwdriver Sets for Mechanics

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Olsa Tools Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Product Name: Olsa Tools Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Product Description: This screwdriver set comes with 14 pieces of screwdrivers. These should be enough to handle any work you might have as a mechanic. The pieces include Phillips heads, flatheads, and more. Looking at the handle grips, they are all soft and very comfortable to feel in the hands. The result is that you end up working faster than before. Also, you will get minimal hand fatigue when handling the hard and tight screws. Having the magnetic tips makes it easier for you to keep the fastener in place, especially when working in tight spaces. Also, the magnetic tips can come in handy when you need to retrieve the screws in tight spaces where the hand cannot reach. The manufacturer understands the importance of durability, so these screwdrivers are built to last for longer. They are built using chrome vanadium steel. This type of steel will not bend or break easily even when subjected to some high torque. The tools also come with an organizer. This is to help you with the storage of the tools so that you can always retrieve them whenever possible. As much as many would have wished for a carrying case, this is still good for organization.

Availability: InStock

  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Usability


Olsa Tools is a top brand considering the many great tools it has put out over the years. When you need the best set for mechanics, then this one will always get the job done. This is because it comes with up to 14 pieces of screwdrivers for different professions.

The screwdrivers are well built with durability in mind. They will not easily strip even when you use them on tight screws. It must be why many love the kind of value they get with the tools


✔️Impressive magnetic tips

✔️Heavy duty construction

✔️Highly versatile screwdriver kit


❌A carrying case would be a nice addition to this set

Runner’s Up

OEM TOOLS 2399 Mechanic’s Screwdriver Set

The best screwdriver set for mechanics does not always have to be the one with the most screwdrivers, but rather the essential ones. That is what you get with this set as it comes with 8 screwdrivers with the common sizes that a mechanic would need.

The set is not just for mechanics as the same screwdrivers can be used for everyday repairs in the home and other fields.

These screwdrivers are also comfortable and durable. This is because they are made using a unique steel alloy that is also heat treated. The result is that you now have highly durable screwdrivers with the best longevity.

The handles on the other hand are ergonomically designed. This is to ensure that the user finds the screwdrivers comfortable to use. Even when handling the tough jobs, you should find it being comfortable still.

The EVA tray is designed to fit the different screwdrivers in the set. This allows for the best storage and organization of the screwdriver set.

  • It is an everyday toolset
  • The screwdrivers are durable and comfortable
  • The EVA tray provides for storage and organization
  • The short screwdriver does not have the best grip

GEARWRENCH 20 Pc. Screwdriver Set

This is still a great choice as the best screwdriver set for mechanics as it has all the possible screwdrivers that the mechanic would want. Since the complete set has 20 pieces, it is easy to see that any job that the mechanic wants to accomplish will be done.

Having the ergonomic tri-lobe dual material handle further makes this screwdriver set even better. This material also has the best balance between efficiency and strength. You are always going to find it being ideal to enjoy using even on the hard and tight screws.

There is the also the non-slip black oxide tip on the screwdriver set. This makes it even better for those who want a secure fit in a fastener. You should have a great time enjoying to use the screwdriver set on overall.

To further improve the lifespan of the tool, we find that the handle is oil and solvent resistant. Considering the environment that a mechanic operates in, then this feature is important.

  • Impressive screwdriver durability
  • Multiple screwdrivers for multiple applications
  • The handle is oil and solvent resistant
  • A few complaints about the screwdrivers chipping

Klein Tools 85078 Screwdriver Set

If you have been disappointed by other sets, then this is a nice option as the best screwdriver set for mechanics to try out.

The manufacturer describes this one as a general-purpose set. There is no doubt that the mechanics will find it being good for them. This is because it comes with the most commonly used screwdrivers.

Since it is a product from Klein Tools, we expect it to be good in terms of durability. That is true based on the material used to make the screwdriver set. The manufacturer further uses premium chrome for plating the screwdrivers. This prevents them from being affected by corrosion.

Many mechanics will also love this set because it is precision machined for that exact fit. On overall, it is going to be a great option for you to get right now for your different applications.

The tip-indent is important so that you can quickly identify the screwdriver type and its tip orientation.

  • Chrome plated to ensure a smooth feel and prevent corrosion
  • Precision machined tips for exact fit
  • Easy to identify the tips thanks to tip-indents
  • Some feel it could use more screwdrivers for the money

Sunex 1120SS Combination Screwdriver Set

This is a top consideration for anyone who wants the best screwdriver set for mechanics. This is because it has 20 pieces of screwdrivers. With all these screwdrivers, you can be sure that you will have everything you need to handle different applications.

Another reason is that these screwdrivers have a matte finish that is resistant to abrasions and flaking. You can now end up with a set of screwdrivers that can last you for years to come easily while still looking good.

The vapor blasted tip goes on to make the set to be more durable compared to other models in the same price range. With more durability, you can easily handle the hard and tight screws.

There is also the bolster for the optional torque addition. You can be sure that the screwdriver can handle more torque.

  • The matte finish resists flaking and abrasions
  • The vapor blasted tips improve durability
  • Overmolded handles improve user comfort
  • The storage tray gets loose easily


How many pieces of screwdrivers do you need as a mechanic?

Having more pieces of screwdrivers is important to ensure you never have to worry about needing one and it is not there. As much as this is the case, you still need to get the correct screwdrivers for your job as a mechanic.

Is it worth investing in snap on screwdrivers?

Yes. For a mechanic, the snap on screwdrivers are known to be machined better so that you can get the best quality in the market. They can also have multiple applications that the mechanic can find useful in the automotive repair world.

What size of screwdriver is best for a mechanic?

It is best to get multiple sizes of screwdrivers. This is because there are cases where you might need a short screwdriver while others you might need a longer screwdriver. Having a set with multiple screwdrivers of varying length can help you accomplish different applications.


Each time you want the best screwdriver set for mechanics, just know that its sturdiness and durability are important. This is because mechanics need something built to last. The mechanic does not need tools that can easily break under torque.

The list above should give you enough insight about how to choose the best screwdriver set for mechanics. Once you get the right one, then you can always work on a project faster and efficiently.