5 Best Miter Saws for Furniture Making

Every furniture-maker needs a trusty miter saw to make precise cuts. Whether you’re making a coffee table, chair, cabinets, playhouse, and whatnot, the best miter saw for furniture making is indispensable. This tool ensures that each cut is accurate, splinter-free, and flawless. Regardless if you’re a DIYer or a woodworker by profession, choosing the right miter saw is crucial. Truth be told, such a complicated machine can be difficult to shop. With that, I picked five of the best options in the market to save you from guesswork.

Are you in a rush? If so, here are my top five options in a nutshell:

 Our Top Pick! 
Festool Kapex KS Sliding
Compound Miter Saw
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Miter Saw
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Bosch GCM12SD
Glide Miter Saw
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Hitachi C12RSH2
Compound Miter Saw
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Makita LS1019L
Compound Miter Saw
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Types of miter saws

Also known as a drop saw, a miter saw is used on a variety of cuts. The miter saw has a large, circular blade that woodworkers press into the wood to make accurate cuts. It’s a specialized tool used to cut on different angles as needed on your project.

However, it comes in different types: the compound, dual compound, and sliding compound. All three offer accurate cuts, but the following are the differences:

✔️Compound miter saw. This type has a blade that moves left or right to produce angled cuts. However, it only tilts in one direction.

✔️Dual compound miter saw. This one works like the compound saw, but with a tilt function that works in both directions. You can use this to create bevels at any angle.

✔️Sliding compound miter saw. This saw is a combination of a compound saw with an added sliding feature. You can move the blade left, right, up, backward, and forward. With this miter saw, you can cut longer pieces.

Uses of a miter saw

The following are some of the important uses of a miter saw when making furniture:

✔️Making angled cuts. You can make angled cuts to suit the design of the furniture you’re making. If your project has angled cuts, you can’t proceed without this functionality. Besides, miter joints are staples of furniture making.

✔️Making crosscuts. One of the basic cuts you can make with a miter saw is crosscuts. It will let you cut a board or long piece of wood in pieces fast and without the strain of doing it manually. Some miter saws even come with a laser guide to ensure that your crosscuts are spot-on.

✔️Bevel cuts. Bevel cuts make it easy for a woodworker to create sloping and diagonal cuts. Although you may not need this cut all the time, it’s always good to have such feature at your disposal. You’ll never know when a future project might demand such functions.

✔️Miter cuts. This cut is an angled cut, which is the most basic of all the functions of a miter saw. It’s also where the tool got its name.

In this video, Anika shows us the basics of using a miter saw and other things you need to know:

Miter saw vs. circular saw

If you’re new to furniture-making, you might confuse miter saw with the circular saw. Although both are used to cut wood, it differs on features.

Here’s a quick rundown on the differences between the two:


  • Perfect for crosscuts
  • Very accurate cutting
  • Very easy to use
  • Versatile cutting abilities
  • Quite expensive than a circular saw
  • Not ideal for rip-cuts and plywood


  • Ideal for rabbet & dado
  • Perfect for cutting plywood
  • Easy to store and set up
  • Cheaper than miter saw
  • Less accurate than a miter saw
  • It takes time to get used to

Safety tips when using a miter saw

A miter saw has a large blade, so you must always take caution when using it. The following are some of the points to keep in mind:

✔️Keep the work area lit. Never use a miter saw in a dark area, or you’ll get injured. Make sure that everything is visible before you run the tool.

✔️Stay sober. You should never run any cutting tools like a miter saw when you’re drunk. Unless you want to wake up with a bad hangover and missing fingers, it’s best to keep a straight head when working on your DIY project.

✔️Keep the saw clean. After some time, your miter saw will accumulate wood dust. You must clean this up every time so it won’t clog the tool and cause problems.

✔️Use a stable work table. Miter saws require a durable table that may or may not be bundled with the tool itself. If yours don’t come with a table, make sure that you get one that can take the beating of a heavy load.

Best Miter Saw For Furniture Making – Top 5 Picks!


OUR TOP PICK: Festool Kapex KS Sliding Compound Miter Saw
best miter saw for furniture making

Product Name: Festool Kapex KS Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Product Description: If you're looking for the best miter saw for furniture making, you'll never go wrong with the Festool Kapex KS. It's a sliding compound miter saw, which gives you the best of both worlds. Aside from that, this tool has a micro-adjustable bevel angle paired with an up-front rotary knob. Another thing I like about this Festool miter saw is its dust extraction design. It removes up to 91% of the dust using its behind-the-cut dust hood and pivoting hose. You'll also get an angle transfer device that allows you to adjust angles and alignments on the fly. Also, this miter saw is fitted with a dual laser design for more accurate setup. There's also a precise miter scale and miter lock, so you no longer have to do guesswork when cutting wood.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Versatility
  • Cutting Capacity


Moreover, the Festool Kapex KS uses a thin-kerf, 60-tooth, carbide blade that produces cleaner cuts, less noise, and less stress on the saw’s motor.

This tool has robust features that will be a workhorse for every workshop. For those who are serious about DIY furniture work, this miter saw is a great investment.

Lastly, I like how lightweight this is for just 47 pounds without being short of features.


Finely tuned bevel adjustments

Dual laser guides

91% dust extraction


Lots of plastic, which could be an issue for some


DEWALT DWS780 Miter Saw

best miter saw for furniture making

If you’re looking for a miter saw bundled with a stand, you should put your money on DEWALT DWS780. This is a sliding compound miter saw with an XPS crosscut positioning system so you can adjust your cut lines seamlessly.

This is a 15-amp and 3,800 RPM tool that offers both power and accuracy. Aside from that, this DEWALT miter saw sports the Back Fence design, where you can cut 2×16 wood at 90 degrees or a 2×12 on a 45-degree angle.

Moreover, this saw comes with an adjustable miter detent plate indicating 10 positive stops. This guarantees every cut’s accuracy while boosting your productivity since you no longer have to keep adjusting the lumber.

The miter saw has an innovative belt drive design that increases the blade’s vertical cutting capacity. In addition, this DEWALT miter saw has a dust collection system that captures up to 75% of the dust.

Aside from that, the table that comes with the saw has adjustable mounting rails that adapt to almost any miter saw planer. The table frame is made of tubular steel that can support up to 300 pounds of weight load. 

  • Bundled with a miter saw table
  • Integrated XPS crosscut positioning system
  • Innovative belt design for better accuracy
  • You need a shop vacuum because the dust goes everywhere

Bosch GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw

best miter saw for furniture making

Another sliding compound miter saw that I recommend is the Bosch GCM12SD. It has a 12-inch blade and a patented gliding system so you can achieve better alignment. Despite its cutting power, this miter saw remains compact to suit smaller workshops.

It has an expanded cutting capacity that allows you to push it up to 14 inches. It also has a nominal 6.5-inch vertical capacity so you can do more in a small space.

Aside from that, this miter saw comes with a uniform bevel and miter scales with marked detents as well as roof pitch angles. This miter saw is also fitted with a dust collection system that helps remove up to 90% of all wood dust while cutting.

Moreover, this miter saw has a square lock and quick-release fences with no required adjustments. And for ease of use, this has upfront bevel controls to change the bevel settings without reaching for the back of the saw.

Lastly, I like the clear lower guard that gives users an unobstructed view while cutting through lumber. It also has a stable base that doesn’t tip easily, even on intense cutting needs.

  • Clear lower guard
  • Ambidextrous trigger handle
  • Patented axial glide system
  • Quite cumbersome so you should look for a very sturdy table

Hitachi C12RSH2 Compound Miter Saw

best miter saw for furniture making

Hitachi Power Tools has been renamed into Metabo HPT, but their tools remain exemplary like before. Their C12RSH2 miter saw has a compact slide system that lets the saw head to glide smoothly along fixed rails. It requires zero clearance for your convenience.

Aside from that, this miter saw has a laser marker system to ensure cutting accuracy every single time. The laser works even if you’re not running the blade.

You can also set its cutting capacity in different angles and dimensions to suit your furniture-making needs. If you’re cutting a 3 1/16×12 lumber, you can push it to 90 degrees.

This miter saw has a 15-amp motor that can deal with the toughest cutting jobs. It also has a large sliding fence that you can raise for up to 5 1/8 inch, where you can cut up to 7.5 inches of crown molding vertically.

For accurate measurements, this miter saw has positive stops and a bevel scale. You no longer have to reach out for your tape measure just to nail the right cut angle and length.

Lastly, I’d like to appreciate the elastomer grip that reduces vibration and strain to the hands while cutting.

  • Laser marker system
  • Compact glide system
  • Wide cutting angles
  • The dust collection system needs improvements

Makita LS1019L Compound Miter Saw

Last but not the least, I recommend the Makita LS1019L. This is a 10-inch miter saw, perfect for those who are looking for a compact addition to their workshop. It’s made with a linear ball bearing system to ensure accurate cuts every single time.

Aside from that, it has a direct drive gearbox paired with a guard system for increased vertical cutting capacity. This is also fitted with an aluminum base for stability and long-lasting build.

This miter saw also comes with a two-steel rail sliding system for a single-slide operation. Such a feature reduces the footprint of the miter saw so you can operate it against a wall. True to its compact build, this miter saw is pretty lightweight for just 57.9 pounds. Still, it’s not short of functionalities for both commercial and residential purposes.

Although smaller than the other miter saws I’ve tried before, this one from Makita still packs 15 amps on its direct-drive motor. It also works at 3,200 RPM for the best cutting power on just about any wood you’ll throw at it.

  • Large cutting capacity
  • Compact size and footprint
  • Linear ball bearing system
  • The dust collector system could’ve been installed on a different spot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big of a miter saw do I need?

A: Most DIY projects will thrive in a 10 to 12-inch miter saw. However, if you intend to cut large baseboards, you must get a bigger model. By experience, most DIY furniture I’ve made only required a 10-inch miter saw.

Q: Do I need a stand for a miter saw?

A: Yes, you need a dedicated stand or work table for your miter saw. As a bulky and complicated tool, a miter saw must be secured on a safe spot. The stand should be extremely stable, too, as any wobble may lead to inaccurate cuts and, worse, injuries.

Q: Are miter saws dangerous?

A: As much as miter saws are useful in the workshop, it can be dangerous if it fell on the wrong hands. You must secure your shop so kids and other unauthorized people won’t end up with injuries from your miter saw. 

Final words

The best miter saw for furnitures making will let you make accurate and flawless cuts for your next furniture projects. Make sure that you get the right size and features for the best results.