Who Makes the Best Screwdrivers? Top 5 Sets

Who would have thought that simple tools such as screwdriver sets also need to be tailored to a certain profession? Yes, you can get the best screwdriver set for electricians in the market right now.

The screwdriver sets for electricians are designed to offer the electrician all the protection they need when working in high voltage scenarios. The last thing you need is being electrocuted when there is a chance of protecting yourself.

These screwdrivers will mostly have a better insulation compared to what you get with other screwdrivers. So, who makes the best screwdrivers?

Below, we will look at the buying tips and the top screwdriver sets for electricians to buy today.

Klein Tools 32288 Insulated Screwdriver Check Price
Wiha 32097 7-Piece Insulated SoftFinish Screwdriver Set Check Price
Hurricane 1000V Insulated Electrician Screwdriver Set Check Price
XOOL 1000V Insulated Electrician Screwdriver Set Check Price
Horusdy 6-Piece 1000v Insulated Screwdriver Set Check Price

How to Choose the Best Screwdriver Set

The Handle

It might not seem significant to some people, but the handle is an important consideration when buying the best screwdriver set for electricians. This is the part you will be holding a lot.

The handle is important to prevent any electrical current from reaching your hand. It is why you want it to be as good as possible. With the right material, the handle can go a long way to give you all the protection that you need.

Other than the electrical shock protection, the handle serves an important role of comfort. We all want a handle that will make the screwdriver feel comfortable in the hand. The handle also improves the grip while using the screwdriver.

Always look for a handle that has an ergonomic design. This will assure you of the best comfort as well as the grip that you need to use the screwdriver even better.

Build Quality

The build quality goes a long way to determine the durability of the best screwdriver set for electricians.

It can be hard to determine the set’s durability by just looking at the images. You need to go deeper into the features to understand more.

Look at the materials used to make the screwdriver set. If it is chrome vanadium steel, then you are sure it is going to offer the best durability. Be careful as some might have chrome plating that wears with time.

The good thing about chrome vanadium steel is that it is resistant to rust and corrosion. So, in addition to being strong, it will also last for years to come.

Another consideration should be the precision-machined design. The result is that you will always have a set that allows for ease of lifting the bits of the screws from the hard to reach areas.

The Size

You can never underestimate the size of the screwdrivers when looking for the best screwdriver set for electricians.

The best part is that most manufacturers will have different sizes and types of screwdrivers in the set. So, look at the set that comes with multiple sizes.

Having different sizes of screwdrivers makes it possible for you to handle different jobs with ease. The last thing you need is to have several sets just to get the different sizes of screwdrivers that you need for a job.

Voltage Rating

Different models would have different voltage ratings. To get the best screwdriver set for electricians, you may want to go for one with a high voltage rating. Most manufacturers will have a rating of 1000 volts written on their sets.

Be careful as some manufacturers might not always be truthful with their rating. So, you might want to take time to read a few reviews to see what other people say about the screwdriver set.

Extra Features

This is where the screwdriver sets for electricians can differ further from each other. The screwdrivers are simple tools, but some extra features can make them a better option over the others.

The first would be the storage of the set. Most will come with a pouch or a carrying case for organization and storage.

Another feature would be how you switch the tips of the screwdrivers. Some will make it easy while others might make it hard.

So, check out the various additional features to find the best screwdriver set for electricians for the money.

Top 5 Best Screwdriver Sets

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Klein Tools 32288 Insulated Screwdriver

Product Name: Klein Tools 32288 Insulated Screwdriver

Product Description: Klein Tools as a brand is known for making some of the best tools an electrician would need. An example is this insulated screwdriver set. All the screwdrivers come with insulated handle to make them safe to use by an electrician. You will also get 5 interchangeable insulated blades for the quick changes while working on a project. There is also the auto-eject mechanism that is easily activated with a twist. This is important for you to quickly change or flip the blades fast. As part of the insulation, you get the tools having a bright orange coating. Other than this coating protecting you from electrical shock, it is also flame and impact resistant to make it even better. Considering that the tools in the set are rated 1000-volts, you are now sure that you will get the protection while working as an electrician. The protective roll pouch should make it easy to organize and carry the screwdrivers.

Availability: InStock

  • Ergonomic
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • Value


Klein Tools is a top brand, so we expect it to deliver some of the best screwdrivers for the money. Even if you spend a bit more on screwdrivers for this set, the overall build quality is worth it all. The insulated handle gives you the assurance that you are further protected from any cases of electrical shock.

If you have to interchange the tips, the process is simple. With a simple twist, the tip is released and you can now add a new one to it. In addition, the handle and blade have a 1000-volt insulation rating. It should be a good assurance for safety.


✔️It is easy to use

✔️1000-volt insulation

✔️The handle securely holds the tips


❌It could use more screwdrivers for the price

Runner’s Up

Wiha 32097 7-Piece Insulated SoftFinish Screwdriver Set

The first thing an electrician would look at is the insulation rating. For this set, it is 1000 volts AC. There is no doubt this kind of insulation will be ideal for anyone who needs more protection when handling lines with high voltage.

To improve the overall functionality and feel of the screwdrivers, they all come with soft finish handle. The manufacturer molded a solid inner core and a soft outer cushion grip to make the handle comfortable and strong on overall.

This type of design makes it to handle 40% more torque compared to some conventional handles.

There is also the material used to make the blade. For this set, the manufacturer uses hardened steel. Such a material will not start to wear easily after using the set for only a few months.

These tools are also good for arc-flash protection. This is an important feature easily when working environments that might have such arch flashes.

  • Impressive voltage rating
  • The tools are made of quality materials
  • The handles offer a comfortable grip
  • The set lacks a carrying pouch

Hurricane 1000V Insulated Electrician Screwdriver Set

The overall design gives this set a sturdy look. Well, it is not just about looks, but also functionality. For the price, you are getting the best screwdriver set for electricians that can live up to your expectations.

The 1000-volt rating is a top consideration for many electricians. That is something you get with this set. As such, you are always assured of the best protection when working on a project.

The set comprises of 13 pieces of screwdrivers. Such several screwdrivers mean that you have all the right sizes for various applications.

These screwdrivers are also made of chrome vanadium steel. This means that you never have to worry about them chipping on the edges after only a few uses. With this kind of build quality, you will feel it was worth spend your money on the set.

Having the carrying case allows for the storage and organization of the tips. It is hard for you to start losing the blades when you have a place to store them.

  • Comes in a nice carrying case
  • The set is VDE and GS certified
  • The tips are hardened for durability
  • It can take some time to understand the handle operation

XOOL 1000V Insulated Electrician Screwdriver Set

This is another nice choice for those looking for the best screwdriver set for electricians. This is mostly because of the safety that it can offer to the electrician. Just as expected, it offers a protection against 1000-volts. This is what you need to handle almost any project.

Still on protection, we find that the set is also VDE and GS certified. This is more guarantee that you will be safe when working on a project.

The screwdriver is also made of excellent material. The set comes made of chrome vanadium steel. Such a material is good in terms of strength and durability. Even if you apply more torque, the unit can handle all of it without any issues.

Still, the use of such strong materials eliminates the chances of stripping and corrosion.

The ergonomic handle design will give you all the comfort and grip that you need when working on a project. This is because it can fit in your hand better.

  • The screwdrivers have ergonomic handles
  • Multiple sizes available for versatility
  • Made of excellent material for durability
  • The magnetism in the tips is not the best

Horusdy 6-Piece 1000v Insulated Screwdriver Set

For the price, it is amazing the number of features that you are getting with the set. The first thing you will like is the 1000-volt protection you get with the screwdriver set. With the right protection, you are always assured of the right protection when working on a project.

The ergonomic handles are not something you can forget. Each of the screwdriver set will feel comfortable in the hand so that you can work on the projects even easily.

The screwdriver tips are made of CRV steel and then heat treated. The results are that you now have hardened tips that have the best build quality and resistant to chipping. Even after years of use, you will still find the set looking good.

The magnetic tips are going to be a great use of the screwdriver set. This is because they will conveniently hold the screws for you all the time. You can also now get the screws from the hard to reach places.

  • The set has multiple useful screwdrivers
  • The handle offers a comfortable grip
  • They all have magnetic tips to attract screws
  • A few complaints about the handles breaking with time


What are the common screwdriver types?

The most common types of screwdrivers for an electrician include Phillips, Hex Key, Robertson, Torx, and Flat or Slotted. When you have these types of screwdrivers, there is much work you can handle with ease at a site.

What does screwdriver #1 mean?

In most cases, this is a fastener screwdriver. You will use it for handling the internals of most electronics such as the home theaters, game consoles, PCs, and more.

What material is good for making strong screwdrivers?

You are likely to find most people going for chrome vanadium steel. This material makes the screwdrivers strong and resistant to corrosion and rust. They will also not strip over years of use. As a result, you end up with the best value for money.


Maybe you were using any type of screwdriver for electrical applications. Now you have all the information that you need to get yourself the best screwdriver set. It is always important to protect yourself.

From the list above, you have the option of choosing the best set depending on various factors as highlighted in the buying guide section. Always take the time to compare the various sets in the market so that you can end up with the right one.