Wrench to Remove Stripped Bolt – Top 3 on the List

There may come a point in time that bolt and screw may get rusted, damaged, and stripped out. When this happens, you can actually use some tools in removing such items. The most common one is the wrench to remove stripped bolt. Here is the list of wrench set which you can consider.

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Causes of bolt stripping

Often times, we hear of someone asking for the way on how to remove stripped bolt. But, most identify first what does it means when we say stripped bolt? It is actually a bolt with a damaged head that is very impossible to remove using a screwdriver or drill.

Generally, using inappropriate tools and committing a human error are the main causes of a stripped bolt. Moreover, below are some of the cases that make as a bolt to strip out:

  1. Utilizing low-quality tools
  2. Working very quick and do not observe proper care
  3. Twisting the bolt using either a screwdriver or drill on an angle to the bolt
  4. Utilizing the inappropriately sized screwdriver
  5. Using the inappropriately sized drill bit along with the power drill
  6. Make use of old drill bit
  7. Tightening the bolt too hard
  8. Using the bolt even after starting to strip

All of these can result in a stripped bolt. Being cautious with these is generally important to take enough care of the bolt. The succeeding paragraph will show you helpful tips on putting a bolt.

Helpful Tips in Putting the Bolts

  • When you use a screwdriver or a drill bit, make sure that it perfectly fits on the head recess of the bolt. Moreover, also ensure that there is no wobbling action that will happen. In case you use a drill in driving bolt, do it in a slow speed and be cautious about the bit that runs through the slot thus making damage over the bolt head.

Damaging the head bolt will generally happen once the drill is applied too quickly. Another thing is that when the user does not exert the appropriate amount of pressure over it.

  • Ensure that the work you’ve done is on a direct line along with the axis of the bolt. Also, always be aware to make pilot holes with the same adequate size for the bolt. It should bear a similar size with the inside thread diameter of the bolt.
  • Regardless of the carefulness that you give on putting on the bolt, you will come to the point that you have to deal with a stripped bolt. During this time, it is necessary to have with you the tools or wrench to remove stripped bolt always available.

Other Tools and Wrench to Remove Stripped Bolt

In case you have a stripped bolt, you can actually unscrew it without damaging your workpiece. Here are the tools that can help you to successfully do it.

Locking Pliers

Basically, you can use the locking pliers the moment the bolt is screwed too fast and then it stuck halfway. The screw cannot be screwed up anymore or even pulled out. The locking pliers are generally a big help by clamping them on the bolt and twisting them in a counterclockwise direction. However, bear in mind that using this process should be done gently without rushing.

Moreover, using a piece of wood between pliers and the flat surface is advisable as it can protect the surface during the screwing process. Cardboard is also a great alternative for wood in protecting the surface for scratches.

Drill Machine

The drill machine and other tooling extractors are basically suitable for larger screws. This process of removing bolt is perfect once it is already stuck near the flat surface which pliers hasn’t able to clamp over. To use this, drill at least 1/8-inch hole within the center portion of the bolt head.

Subsequently, utilize the largest extractor that perfectly suits over the hole which results from the drilling. Once the extractor fits appropriately within the hole, turn the extractor gently on a counterclockwise direction. Do these steps until the bolt obtains a length in which you can grip the locking pliers. Afterwards, remove the bolt using the pliers.

Impact Driver

In case there is an available impact driver, you can also make use of it. Generally, the function of this type of driver is to help in getting the screwdriver penetrates deep down the bolt. The factors that help this tool to make its job are the weight, force, and spring mechanism. Basically, there are available impact drivers that contain a switch which let the user set the tool in a “loosen screw” mode.

Generally, put the tool inside the screw or bolt and gently hit the tip with a mallet. This process will basically offer sufficient force in getting a good grip within the screw. Eventually, twist and unscrew the bolt using the impact driver very gently.


Basically, using the wrench to remove stripped bolt is the best and common way of doing it. Simply tighten the wrench around the bolt and gently twist it in a counterclockwise direction. Once you have control and the wrench fits on the bolt a little bit tighter, the wrench will have to remove stripped bolt out immediately.  

wrench to remove stripped bolt

What to Look for When You Buy Wrench to Remove Stripped Bolt?

Generally, buying a wrench usually comes in a set which in turn consists of various tools and accessories. In order to buy the appropriate wrench set, it is actually important to learn the extra tools that it has and their features. Below are the things to consider when buying a wrench to remove stripped bolt.

Measuring standard

The older models of domestic vehicles actually use the metric, SAE or the standard-sized sockets having measurements that read in inches. Meanwhile, the millimeters is the unit of measurement being used by the most innovative version of vehicles that widely used the metric hardware. Knowing this, it is very essential to opt for the metric or SAE wrench set based on your needs. Alternatively, you can stock this tool having both of this measuring standard to guarantee that you have the appropriate tool for your project.

Points of wrench set

Comparing the 6–point and 12-point set leads to a conclusion that the 6–point is generally stronger than the 12-point one. This is due to the fact that the inner walls of the 6–point are established against all the sides of the hardware. However, the advantage of the 12-point set is generally to provide convenience and ease of operation.

Meanwhile, the 12-point wrench set is really ideal for light and domestic workpiece. Unlike the 6-point set works perfectly for large hardware activities in which serious torque is highly in demand. In this scenario, slipping off the 6-point set is generally impossible.   


Typically, the wrench set comes in two common finishes namely the chrome plating and the black oxide. The surface finishing of the wrench set aims to protect the tool from corrosion and scratches. Bear in mind that the different types of finishes are used on different applications. Generally, the black oxide is suitable for impact wrench set. Basically, to make the wrench set highly durable, sturdy, and corrosion resistant, they are subjected to heat-treatment.

List of Wrench to Remove Stripped Bolt

OUR TOP PICK: Astro Pneumatic 7181XL Flank Bite Wrench Set

Product Name: Astro Pneumatic 7181XL Flank Bite Wrench Set

Product Description: The Astro Pneumatic 7181XL Flank Bite Wrench Set generally contains 8 pieces of fastener flank bite which are extra long. This is actually a great wrench to remove stripped bolt as its design can able to operate on almost 90% of the stripped bold head. Moreover, Astro Pneumatic 7181XL Flank Bite Wrench Set is very versatile as it entails various sizes.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Value for money
  • Sturdiness


Basically, the Astro Pneumatic 7181XL Flank Bite Wrench Set can be a great help in removing the stripped bolt. The wrench set that it has are long enough to reach far and hard to reach spaces. Size inclusion for the package of Astro Pneumatic 7181XL Flank Bite Wrench Set includes the 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 17mm, and 18mm.


These sizes are generally useful in removing stubborn and rusted bolts. With just a simple biting over the flats of the bolts, this wrench to remove stripped bolt can basically do its job very well. Due to this, the Astro Pneumatic 7181XL Flank Bite Wrench Set is actually a great buy.


  • Very innovative design
  • Incredible bite
  • Works even for old vehicles


  • Light duty


GEARDRIVE Long Pattern Combination Wrench Set

wrench to remove stripped bolt

Another great wrench to remove stripped bolt GEARDRIVE Long Pattern Combination Wrench Set. It primary contains 5 pieces of SAE wrench set which has a measurement range of about 1-inch to 1 ¼-inch. Generally, the aim of the long pattern design of this wrench to remove stripped bolt is to get into spaces where fasteners are really hard-to-reach.

In terms of wrenching activities, this GEARDRIVE Long Pattern Combination Wrench Set is a 12-point complete box that you can actually carry anywhere you go. Basically, the 12-point complete box feature of this wrench to remove stripped bolt can operate on fasteners having both 12-point and 6-point sizes. Because of this, the GEARDRIVE Long Pattern Combination Wrench Set becomes highly versatile which can do various tasks.

Moreover, the GEARDRIVE Long Pattern Combination Wrench Set also features a 15O offset. This is generally ideal regardless of the project you deal with as it is really helpful to run into fastener which is hard to access. Besides, extra clearance is provided so that the wrench can get a secure grip without busting the knuckles. Additionally, this also helps in the application of extra torque within the fastener.

Lastly, the quality of the GEARDRIVE Long Pattern Combination Wrench Set has material which comes from high-quality chrome vanadium steel plus a mirror chrome finish. The type of steel material underwent a heat-treatment process. Aside from that, the chrome finish comes from a professional-grade and high-polish material. Due to this, you can wipe out gunk and grease at ease.

Key Feature

  • Made out of heat-treated chrome vanadium steel ensuring high durability and resistant to corrosion
  • A really lengthy handle which can easily and effectively reach tight areas
  • Complete set of the 12-point box for convenient fastener involvement which prevents rounding off of the fastener
  • Gives a 15O offset for securing the wrench grip
  • All the wrenches exceed the ANSI standard
  • Includes a surface laser marking to have an easy identification
  • Great value for money
  • Durable
  • Stunning set
  • None so far


If you are looking for a wrench to remove stripped bolt, the GEARDRIVE Long Pattern Combination Wrench Set is actually one of the best choices. You can use it perfectly for wrenching activities within your home, garage, maintenance and repair tasks.

Ram-Pro Drive Crowfoot Wrench Set

wrench to remove stripped bolt

The Ram-Pro Drive Crowfoot Wrench Set is another wrench to remove stripped bolt on our list.  Generally, wrench and socket are also essential tools inside the toolbox. However, there is still a time when you are not able to reach tight spots either to install or remove the damaged or stripped bolt. With this issue, the Ram-Pro Drive Crowfoot Wrench Set is the perfect solution.

All of its wrenches have high-quality materials made out of heat-treated steel for the purpose of durability improvement. Along with this is the guarantee that there splitting or stripping of the heads is not possible and at the same time bears heavy leverage. Moreover, this wrench to remove stripped bolt also has chrome mirror polish finish to add extra durability. Due to this, grease and oil can be wiped off easily.

In addition, the size of the drive of the Ram-Pro Drive Crowfoot Wrench Set is highly suitable on 3/8-inch screws and bolts. Besides, this wrench to remove stripped bolt has 10 different sizes which include the 3/8”, 7/16”, ½”, 9/16”, 5/8”, 11/16”, ¾”, 13/16”, 7/8”, and 1”. Another good feature of the Ram-Pro Drive Crowfoot Wrench Set is the size carved along the metal to make identification easier.

Furthermore, it has a Clip-On Storage Rack to provide better efficiency of storing the wrenches. Along with this, the Ram-Pro Drive Crowfoot Wrench Set is generally convenient to carry around without the worry to lose any wrench. It can also be partnered with a torque wrench so that you can have to run through inaccessible bolts and nuts that are hard to reach.

Key Feature

  • Convenient to carry and transport through the Clip-on Storage Rail
  • Made of heavy construction but have a sleek design to reach the tightest spots
  • Ability to withstand until 150 ft-lb torque for long-lasting shelf life
  • Wrenches are made of chrome-plated material for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance
  • The wrench adapters fasten the installations and removals of the bolt
  • Good range of sizes
  • Heavy chrome plating material
  • Does not fit snugly


If you are looking for a wrench to remove stripped bolt that offers great convenience, then the Ram-Pro Drive Crowfoot Wrench Set is the perfect match. With all its incredible features, you can successfully remove stripped bolt at ease.

Final Thoughts

Generally, bolts may be difficult to pull out once stripped. Luckily, there are available tools in removing damaged bolts. One of these tools is the wrench to remove stripped bolt. The wrench is basically the most common tool in doing this activity. Moreover, buying this tool needs to take some factors into account which include the measuring standard, point of wrench set, finish, and other features that come with it.

Aside from that, in terms of the wrench set, choosing a high-quality one is generally a good option for investment in the long run. Rather than to buy an affordable tool, it is ideal to invest your money on wrench set that maintains its durability over the long period of time.