Best MIG Welding Machine – Our Top 3!

One of the essential equipment in the auto repair and construction industry is the MIG welder. Actually, to make your welding activities successful, you need to have a high-quality welder. In case you are looking for one, we reviewed here three of the best MIG welding machine in the market today.

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In this blog, we will also share some helpful tips on using the MIG welder in an expert way. We also have here the things that you must have to consider before buying this kind of equipment. Check them all out below!

How to MIG weld like a pro?

When you put the following tips into practice, you may most likely to enhance the welding quality and durability.

Don’t forget to clean

The MIG weld generally tends to become porous and it is actually the major factor for its failure. Dirt, oil, and painted surfaces are the most common factors for the porosity of the welder. It often creates holes that mimic a sponge-like appearance once these contaminants were stocked into the weld.

Choose good surface

A bad ground is actually one of the most common factors in MIG welding failure. Generally, it highly needs a smooth flow of electricity. This can be done through an entire electrical circuit. The current for welding activities usually looks for pathways with low resistance.

In case you will not give any care to the welding area near to an arc, the welding current may basically look for another way. Strongly place the clamp to any bare metal near to any arc as possible.

Maximize your two hands

As much as possible, use your two hands in operating the best MIG welding machine. Put the gun neck crook on one hand and on the other hand, hold the trigger area. Moreover, wear a heavy welding glove that is heat-resistant.

Keep an ear on your welding machine

When you are doing a welding activity, a steady buzz becomes regular music to you. A hiss means that your welding machine has a high voltage setting whereas the loud sound is an indication of too low setting. 

Make either a push or pull

Generally, when it comes to using the best MIG welding machine, pushing the gun gearing towards the weld is the most common process. The other term for this process is the forehand welding which usually resulted in shallow penetration over a smooth surface.

The next process happens the moment you drag back the gun which is known as the backhand method. Deep penetration on the weld that is actually narrow and high on the center portion is the common product of this process.

Look for the position when you get out of the weld

Keep in mind to always use the smallest diameter size of the wire when you are welding on different positions like vertical, horizontal, or overhead.

Regularly change the contact tips

Contact tips for MIG welders are generally cheap. It is highly advisable to store a pack of it inside the toolbox and replace it on a regular basis. Oval-shaped contact tip means that it is already worn out. If not replaced immediately, this will usually result in an erratic arc.

There is actually a good rule of thumb followed by most casual welders. It says that to guarantee welding with high-quality means to change the welder tip once already consumed wire which weighs 100 lbs.

What to look for when buying the best MIG welding machine?

Like any other product, you need to choose wisely before buying anything. In terms of the MIG welders, here are the things to consider before buying the best MIG welding machine:

1. Multifunction

Generally, the best MIG welding machine is flux-cored and has a high demand for a gas cylinder or the ability to do both. It is basically appealing to have the flux core welding as hooking up a gas cylinder is not a must. However, this core welding process produces a slag that must be chipped out.

Usually, the available welders in the market today exhibit the functions of both MIG and flux core. Yet, there are still few that possess only one of these attributes. It is actually highly recommended to go after a welder that has both of these features which ensure an optimal diversity.  

2. Voltage Input

Basically, MIG welding machines collect power from a variable voltage input. This means that not all of these machines are generally compatible with the electrical outlet in your welding area. These welders usually come with either 110 to 120V or 220 to 230V, the good news is that there are already a few that have both of these capabilities.

110 Volt

In case you are a hobby welder, the 110 lower voltage input welders are really perfect for you. This can be easily plugged even on the household power source. But the drawback is the output power limitation and the inability to wed thicker metals.

220 Volt

Generally, you need this voltage input welder power in case of working powerful welding like thicker metals. Moreover, this power source is highly useful when working at remote areas or industrial welding sites.

3. Power Output

Since you have voltage input operating a welding machine, you will also need various power output. However, this will just vary on the thing that you will be going to weld. Most of the welding machine manufacturers put a chart with their welder package in order to select the appropriate setting. This will generally be a big help in getting the highest weld quality.

4. Size and Transportability

Buying for the best MIG welding machine needs you to consider the ease of transporting the machine. This generally includes the size and weight of the welding machine. However, if you tend to leave it in your working site, the weight must not be given much consideration. Meanwhile, if you’re working site is on multiple areas, and then a lightweight welder that is easy to carry is extremely possible.

Moreover, a powerful and large welder can be stored on the cart with wheels. Yet, the welders that are heavy enough will be very difficult to transport over concrete even with the help of two people. Generally, the smallest MIG welders with good quality have a weight of 25 lbs. They usually use an inverter technology system that decreases the weight of the unit.

5. Spool Gun

A welder with spool gun is actually essential on welding aluminum products. Just a tip, most small welders do not have this kind of feature. So, if your goal is something like welding any aluminum, make sure to look for this feature. In case you decide to purchase a separate spool gun, then choose one that has a quick-release setting.

6. Duty Cycle

The duty cycle feature of the best MIG welding machine is the main feature to consider in terms of the length of time for welding. Generally, a high duty cycle is very suitable for those who need to use MIG welder over a long period of time. Duty cycle usually comes in the form of a percentage in which is the percentage of a 10-minute cycle that the welder is able to operate before the overheating.

Most of the time, you will notice that the higher the power output, the duty cycle is low. This means that the welder needs more time to cool down. Moreover, small welders that do not have a cooling system setting also contain a low duty cycle.

Luckily, most of the large welding machines have built-in fans for reducing the time of cooling down. Meanwhile, you should consider buying the best MIG welding machine containing thermal overload protection if you are worried about the overheating issue.

7. Brand and warranty

Basically, most of the best MIG welding machine comes from a well-established and trusted brand. Most of the manufacturers of welding machines provide various support levels. Moreover, they should withstand the test of time.

When buying a MIG welder, always ensure that it has a warranty and don’t be tempted to buying a cheap one as it may offer a poor warranty. However, if you are open to considering other welding machine brands that are less well-known, ensure that you will have thorough research on their products.

8. Price

In buying the best MIG welding machine, it is highly recommended to opt for the welder that suits your budget and your needs. Don’t always go for the attitude of “buying the most expensive to get the best one”. In case you know what you really need to buy and if you have a budget for this, then it is ideal to choose the welder that can save you more bucks and at the same time offers great performance.

3 of the Best MIG Welding Machine

OUR TOP PICK: Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

Product Name: Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

Product Description: Due to its excellent quality, the Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder lands on the first spot as the best MIG welding machine. Its parts are highly durable and really withstand any tests. The Hobart brand also comes with the 190 and 140 models but the 210 version is the one more applicable as the best MIG welding machine for auto repair and construction. Aside from that, because of its flexibility to weld under 115V and 230V, the Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder can weld up to 3/8 inch. In case you are after a welder with complete real power, this welding machine is the perfect one for you. This is actually a complete MIG that features versatility, power, and quality.

Availability: InStock

  • Transportability
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money


If you are looking for MIG or Flux Core Welder powered inside a portable case, the Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder is actually the best. Using this best MIG welding machine, the reputation of producing extreme power and well-trusted equipment is given priority.


  • Operates on a dual voltage

  • With cast drive roll made of aluminum

  • Has function of a fast release tension

  • Can manage infinite wire feed velocity

  • Good price


  • Setting selection is not automatic

  • Actually heavy


Miller Electric 211 MIG Welding Machine

best MIG welding machine

Another of the best MIG welding machine is the Miller Electric 211 MIG Welding Machine which features an advanced auto-set characteristic. The front panel of this welding machine cradles the basic options to help you deal with welding activity at all times. Generally, this is a machine that is really nice and very easy to open up. In addition, it has a wire drive settings made with high-quality cast aluminum.

Moreover, this best MIG welding machine can instantly identify if you are using either a MIG or spool gun through its Auto Spool Gun Detect. This is also a dual-voltage which means that it can typically operate under 120V and 240V. With this feature, the Miller Electric 211 MIG Welding Machine is highly useful for doing welding activities in various environments. Additionally, this best MIG welding machine also features a Fan-On-Demand power supply cooling environment which runs only during the cooling down process of the MIG welder.

The Miller Electric 211 MIG Welding Machine is extremely light as a welder which weighs around 38 lbs. It also has a very decent size and basically comes with a handle located at the middle top portion of it. This feature makes this best MIG welding machine easy to carry and transport.

Key Features

  • It has the ability to begin a smooth welding operation without spatter through its Smooth-Start function
  • Reduces the set-up time because of the advanced auto-set setting
  • Contains an inverter technology that results in a lighter MIG welding machine
  • Provides ease to connect with the presence of multiple voltage power input
  • Includes an informative door chart
  • It is protected using a thermal overload that activates every time the duty cycle exceeds 
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Very portable
  • Quick setup
  • Costly
  • Flimsy ground clamp


If you are looking for the best MIG welding machine that has a dual voltage system with an aluminum material, the Miller Electric 211 MIG Welding Machine is actually a good choice. It highly permits the MIG and Flux Core welding activities that emphasize the reduced setup times.

Lincoln Electric Power MIG Welder

best MIG welding machine

In terms of easy to use welder, the Lincoln Electric Power MIG Welder could not be out of the list of the best MIG welding machine. Its ease of use can be credited to the digital display that it contains on the front part. Actually, this welding machine seems to talk to you through its user face setup.

The good thing about the Lincoln Electric Power MIG Welder is that it is actually four different welders packed in one powerful unit. It has the ability to act as MIG welder both small and large, the stick welding machine and TIG welding. This best MIG welding machine is highly versatile which also contains dual voltage source on 115V or 230V.

Another good feature of the Lincoln Electric Power MIG Welder is its 2 back fans that maintain the coolness of the MIG welder. Moreover, with a weight of around 40 pounds, this best MIG welding machine is extremely portable due to its inverter technology. With this, the on-site welding becomes really easier which makes it a great option for most contract welders.

Key Features

  • Contains Magnum® PRO 175L Gun
  • Also comes in the package are the work cable and clamp holder with electrode
  • With gasless nozzles and regulator
  • Has Gun Cable Liner which is already pre-installed inside the gun
  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic setting selection
  • More costly


If you are after a welding machine that performs fantastically and very versatile, the Lincoln Electric Power MIG Welder is basically the best MIG welding machine. It contains simple instructions through its on-screen display making this welder the best performing one.

Final Thoughts

The best MIG welding machine is generally helpful in successfully performing any welding activity such as those in the auto repair and construction field. This equipment comes with various sizes, weight, and functions. Moreover, buying this type of product must highly take into account its multifunction setting, voltage input, power output, transportability, presence of spool gun, duty cycle, price, and other features that come with it.

Additionally, when it comes on the MIG welder, buying the high-quality one is really an ideal step for investment in the long run. So, rather than to buy cheap products with poor warranty, it is actually a good move to stake your money on MIG welder that maintains its durability over the years.