Festool Sanders: Are They Worth The Money?

It is very important to have a useful and trendy tool in hand that can help you do your job. There are many companies in the market offering tools for renovating, and this will force you to make many considerations. But in this article, we will feature one of the most talk-of-the-town companies and its product: Festool sanders! So keep reading to find everything you need to know about this wonderful sander.

What Are Festool Sanders?

festool sanders
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Festool Sanders are high-quality sanders that are used for a variety of different applications. Some common uses for them include sanding wood, metal, and plastic. Festool Sanders comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. They can be used with various types of abrasives, such as aluminum oxide or garnet.

Festool sanders are tools that help you sand the wood to a smooth, even finish. They work by using a rotating pad with sandpaper attached to it. The sander spins the pad against the wood, which removes material from the surface of the wood and polishes it up.

Festool makes several different kinds of sanders based on their uses and benefits. Some are designed to be used in conjunction with other Festool products, while others can be used with any power tool and work on any type of material, such as wood and metal.

Types Of Festool Sanders

Festool is a well-known brand for high-quality power tools, and their sanders are no exception. They have a wide range of options to choose from, each with different specifications and features. Let’s take a closer look at what these sanders can do for you, as well as some other factors to consider when purchasing one for your own shop.

🟩 Festool ETS EC 125/3 EQ-Plus GB Random Orbit Sander

The ETS EC 125/3 EQ-Plus GB Random Orbit Sander is a great choice for dealing with large surfaces, as well as flat and curved ones. It can also be used for sanding edges, making it a versatile tool you’ll find yourself often using when working on projects around your home.

The Festool ETS EC 125/3 EQ-Plus GB Random Orbit Sander will make your job easier because it allows you to work more efficiently. You’ll save time by not having to go over the same spot more than once, plus the dust extraction system keeps dust away from your workspace so that you can breathe easily while working.

🟩 Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander

Do you know how hard it is to sand a piece of furniture in tight spaces? You have to use a sander that’s small enough to fit in between the tightest corners and crevices but also powerful enough to get the job done. That’s where the Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander comes into play. It can handle both tasks with ease.

The Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander has the ability to handle all kinds of woodworking projects. From refinishing furniture pieces and repairing dings in wooden doors and trim, all the way up through building your own home from scratch! The RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander is one of our most popular models for its versatility and power, which makes it perfect for every kind of project imaginable.

🟩 Festool ETS EC 150/5 EQ-Plus GB Random Orbit Sander

The ETS EC 150/5 EQ-Plus GB is a powerful random orbital sander with variable speed control for fine finishing or high stock removal. Its 150 mm diameter disc can be used with the standard dust extraction system.

🟩 Festool RTS 400 REQ Orbital Finishing sander

This tool is a great addition to your Festool collection, especially if you’ve already got a sanding station. You’ll find it at the top of the list when you’re looking for this kind of sander, and that’s because it does its job very well. The RTS 400 REQ Orbital Finishing sander is designed for making flat surfaces smooth and even. It features a long, narrow pad that can be used on surfaces up to 30 cm (12 inches) in diameter without leaving any swirl marks behind. This means it’s perfect for removing scratches from wood floors or walls before painting them!

The pad itself can be attached using either the included rubber slip-on collar or Festool’s vacuum adapter kit (sold separately). This makes cleaning easy since you can use vacuum cleaners with 1-3/8″ hoses instead of having to hold onto your brushes while they spin around at high speeds. And because there are no brushes involved in this process whatsoever, there should be no problems with static electricity either!

Advantages Of Festool Sanders

festool sanders
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Sanding is an important part of any woodworking project, but it can be a time-consuming and boring process. The key to sanding quickly and efficiently is having the right tools for the job. Festool is one of the best brands for power tools in general, but their sanders are some of the best on the market. Here are some reasons why you might want to invest in a Festool sander:

🟩 World-class sanders

Festool is a world leader in manufacturing world-class sanders. They have been around for 92 years, serving the needs of professionals worldwide. Festool is part of the TTS family of products which includes the trusted brands of Bosch, AEG, DeWalt, Milwaukee, and more. In addition to their excellent products, Festool also offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all of their products.

🟩 Professional quality and design

Festool sanders are designed for professionals. They’re built to last, with many models designed to be the last sander you’ll ever need. The sanders are also easy to maintain and use, with ergonomic handles that keep your hands safe from over-exertion or fatigue. If a Festool sander breaks down or stops working properly, it can be repaired easily by someone with basic tool knowledge (often within just an hour).

🟩 Dust extraction

Dust extraction is a great feature for any tool, but it’s especially beneficial for sanders. Rather than spewing sawdust all over your work area, Festool sanders use a built-in vacuum system to suck up the dust as you sand. This keeps your workspace clean, which in turn keeps your lungs and eyes healthier. It also helps prevent nasal irritation caused by inhaling small particles of wood and paper. Finally, it prevents dry mouth (and dry eyes and nose) from tiny specks of sawdust that get into your mouth while you’re working on an important project.

🟩 Variable speed

Variable speed control is useful for different types of sanding. It allows you to change the speed according to the hardness and density of the wood, which leads to better results. The Festool RO 90 Rotex sanders use innovative technology that enables them to run at a constant maximum speed, even though they are variable-speed tools. This feature helps achieve professional results with less effort, making it easier for you to work faster and more efficiently!

🟩 Ergonomic design and comfort grip

The Festool sanders are designed with ergonomics in mind, meaning that it’s comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. The trigger lever is large and easy to use, the grip itself is soft rubber, and the dust collector can be used while holding the sander. This is especially important if you plan on using your Festool RO 90 8 hours a day!

🟩 Power consumption

One of the biggest advantages of Festool sanders is their ability to run on electricity. The company has invested a lot of time and money into making its products as energy efficient as possible, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time with an inefficient tool.

In addition, all tools are designed with lower noise levels in mind, which means that they’re not only more comfortable for you but also better for those around you. And they don’t leave behind any lingering smells as some other brands do. Finally, this makes them more environmentally friendly than other tools because they use less power and emit fewer emissions into our atmosphere.

Disadvantages Of Festool Sanders

Sanders is a great tool for woodworkers and carpenters. They can help you smooth out your project, get the finish you want, and reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a project. However, not all sanders are created equal. As with any tool, there are advantages and disadvantages to using Festool sanders. Here’s what you need to know:

🟩 Premium price

The price is a disadvantage that can be hard to justify. When you compare the cost of Festool sanders to other brands like DeWalt and Bosch, the prices seem much more expensive. In addition, Festool only offers two different models for its sander line: one for drywall sanding and one for finishing work with various grits of paper. This means that if you want to use it for something other than its intended purposes, such as woodworking or metalworking, you’ll have to buy another model from another brand.

🟩 Corded

Corded sanders are less versatile than cordless sanders because you can’t easily use them away from an electrical outlet. Tools that are corded models are also more difficult to transport than their cordless counterparts, as they require their own power source and a longer cord that can get in the way.

🟩 Lack of versatility

Festool sanders are designed to be the best at one thing: sanding. Unlike a belt sander, which can perform multiple tasks like cutting and shaping wood, a Festool sander will only ever be used for its intended purpose. If you’re looking for a sander that’s versatile in terms of working on different projects or materials, then you’ll need to go with something else.

🟩 Hard to find replacement parts

While the quality of Festool sanders is second to none, their replacement parts can be difficult to find. If you decide to purchase one of these units, be sure that you have a plan for finding replacement parts in case anything happens to it. The good news is that there are several options for buying replacement parts for your Festool unit. However, these options come at a premium price!

Are Festool Sanders Worth The Money?

Festool sanders are worth the money if you’re willing to spend it. They are high-end tools that will last a lifetime, and they do not come cheap. But with their unique design and durability, many professionals who use them say it’s worth it.

Festool Sanders Proper Care

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If you’ve decided to purchase a Festool sander, you’re probably a perfectionist. You want your tools to work well and last long. And that’s why we think it’s important to take care of your sander. Here are some tips for keeping your machine in tip-top shape:

🟩 Use the pad brake

To change your abrasive disk, clear away any material from your work area and use the pad brake to stop the tool. Then remove the abrasive disk by hand or a wrench, depending on what model you have. Afterward, put a new abrasive disk on and make sure it’s locked into place before continuing to sand.

After changing an abrasive disk, you should use the pad brake again to clean off any dust left behind by both old and new disks. You can also use this time to change your vacuum hose if needed.

🟩 Don’t ever drop it

You will be tempted to drop your sander. Don’t do it! If you drop your sander, you’re going to have to replace the pad. If you drop your sander and it falls on a hard surface like a concrete floor or asphalt driveway, it’ll probably break its brake: and then you’ll need new ones for both sanders!

🟩 Purge the vacuum with compressed air

To ensure the vacuum is working at its peak performance, you should purge it with compressed air after every use. This is a quick and easy step that will keep your Festool sanding dust free of debris. Do not use a leaf blower or other high-pressure air source to clean out your Festool vacuum.

🟩 Use only Festool abrasives

Only use Festool abrasives, and do not mix brands of abrasive pads. Festool abrasives are the most durable, the best quality, and the most cost-effective. They are also convenient to use because they fit on all major brands of sanders, from Festool to DeWalt to Porter Cable.

🟩 Avoid sanding over nails and screws

If you’re using a disk sander, try to avoid sanding over any nails or screws that are sticking out of the piece of wood you’re working on. These metal objects can damage the disk, which will cause it to lose its shape and become less effective in removing material from your project. If this happens, you’ll need to replace the disk with a new one, so it’s best not to put yourself in that position by starting with a damaged one!

If this is unavoidable (and sometimes it is), try removing loose pieces of wood around the nails or screws before starting your sanding job. That way, once they make a breakthrough on your good disk, at least there won’t be much left for them for tangling up in as well!

🟩 Keep the abrasives flat against the workpiece

When sanding, be sure to use the brake function on your sander. If you don’t, you may end up with an uneven surface. As mentioned, only use Festool abrasives on your sander. This will ensure that the abrasive disk remains flat against the workpiece so it doesn’t miss any areas and leave a scratchy or jagged finish.

This is a big one if you want to keep your sander in good shape. If you’re using a Festool sander, it has an electronic brake that stops the sanding pad and disc whenever the sander is off. You should always use this feature on your tool and never allow the abrasive to spin freely while it’s not under the supervision or not in use. This will help prevent unnecessary wear on both components. Especially important if you have any dust collecting on top of your sander).

Final Words

A Festool sander is a very good sander. It is one of the best products in its class. Festool appeals to people who want more than other sanders can offer. So if you want to have high-quality tools, you can invest your money with Festool sanders.

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