Small Needle Nose Vise Grips – Buying Guide 2020

Are you wondering why most of the craftsmen, construction workers, and DIYers always have pliers along with them? Well, pliers are versatile tools which can generally perform various tasks. However, before using this tool, it is ideal to know the pliers appropriate for your work. Generally, there are various types of pliers, one of which is the locking pliers or the small needle nose vise grips.

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In order to have more idea about this tool, we have here its types and their uses. Aside from that, we also reviewed three of the best performing small needle nose vise grips in the market. Check them out below!

Different Types of Pliers Including the Small Needle Nose Vise Grips

In the world of crafting and construction, pliers are one of the important tools that you can use. However, opting for the appropriate one is the main concern especially if you are just a novice in this industry. Cutting, shaping wires, removing nails, twisting screws and gripping bolts are some of the uses of pliers. Knowing this, pliers seem to have a wide range of applications which is why you can see this tool within every job.

Below are the different plier’s types being used within the industry:

Waterpump pliers

These pliers perform well around big items such as the pipes. Angle-nosed, tongue-and-groove, and groove-joint pliers are the other well-known terms for these pliers. Going about 45 to 60 degrees, the waterpump pliers feature serrated jaws and expandable mouths.

Cutting, crimping, and stripping pliers

Having a really sharp tip and very sturdy handles, this type of pliers perform great on cutting activities for various wires even on crimping and stripping functions. These pliers are important for use among electricians and others doing wiring-related tasks. The side cutters variant entails long, curvy, and short noses. Meanwhile, the end cutters work great over rivets, wire, and bolts.

Long-nose pliers

If you are working around tight spaces, the long-nose pliers are the perfect match. This type of pliers is also called as the needle-nose pliers which are also suitable for a broad range of jobs including the jewelry works and cutting of small-gauge wires. The long-nose pliers can easily get into small spaces due to their long, sleek jaws plus pointed tip.

Fencing pliers

Basically, the fencing pliers have a pair of wire cutters which work extremely for cutting and pulling staples from fences. Moreover, they also have a heavy head that also has the ability to hammer in pinch.

Locking pliers

Generally, this type of pliers is also called as the vise grips which permits the pulling or twisting small items without losing the grip. It actually has a release feature that disorients the lock and also contains serrated jaws for extra gripping. Moreover, locking pliers are a great alternative for vise grips.

Typically, gripping smaller items necessitates the use of needle-nose locking pliers or the small needle nose vise grips. However, conventional vise grips are sometimes time-consuming to use in some particular settings. Generally, smaller items that need gripping demand for small needle nose vise grips. They perform well on gripping and pulling nails and fasteners as well as holding a workpiece in their position.

Moreover, the locking pliers also acts as a good replacement knob for the machine. This tool is generally easy to work with. Through the use of handles, the jaw part of this tool can be opened and closed. Also, by simply turning at the knob on its base, you can usually make fine adjustments.

Getting inspired from the vise, the knob of the locking pliers starts to turn which utilizes a twisting screw in tightening its place by holding on the workpiece. Once you clamp the locking pliers’ handle, the jaws will then create a click which satisfies as it snaps in place. In case you are ready to set the pliers free, the quick release handle that it has will then detaches the jaws.

Things to Consider When Buying Small Needle Nose Vise Grips

Locking pliers or the small needle nose vise grips can secure the grip nuts, bolts, and screws while you free your hands to finish the task easily. It generally grips tightly in case you need holding without the application of constant pressure. Here are the important factors that you need to consider when you are looking for a great set of locking pliers and small needle nose vise grips.

Jaw style

Usually, locking pliers entail multiple jaw versions and every modification comes with unique applications. The curved ones are perfectly suitable for functions like tightening, clamping and twisting round small pieces. Moreover, the straight jaws have the ability to perform more of the general uses.

In case, you need a tool that can grip an item that is easily reachable, you can go for the round-nosed pliers. Meanwhile, the pointed-nose unit can help you to have a good grip within smaller areas. Just ensure that the small needle nose vise grips that you landed on containing hardened steel teeth regardless of its jaw style.


Most locking pliers have models featuring curved jaws to internal wire stripper or lockable C-clamps. Moreover, others come with swivel tips or have multiple tools incorporated within the grips. Aside from that, small needle nose vise grips manufacturers even offer sets of locking pliers that have size or shape options based on your preference. This set can highly provide more versatility on the tool.

Release Mechanism

Basically, small needle nose vise grips that have rapid-release lever can give you the ability to unclamp the pliers without the possibility of acquiring any injury. As much as possible, don’t get close to pliers that generally squeeze the grips in order to release it because they may really be impossible to break loose. Meanwhile, locking pliers that contain a one-touch release lever are a great choice.


Generally, the size is one of the most important factors to distinguish a set of small needle nose vise grips from another. The size is actually the measurement on the jaws the moment they are completely exerted. Basically, opening the locking pliers will give you the distance of the jaw tip of one side to the other side which determines the size of this gripping tool.

Easy-release handle

Generally, the best locking pliers have a handle that is easy to release. This action basically relieves the tension exerted on the hold allowing the removal of the pliers with ease. The easy-release handle is usually called as the trigger release handle. Most of the time, it contains gripping materials incorporated over them.


The materials of the small needle nose vise grips come with durability. It actually ranges from steel material to chrome vanadium. Generally, one of the good features of the locking pliers or the small needle nose vise grips is the sturdiness and durability of the material which can withstand the abuse from the garage. Moreover, the teeth must have wide-based and angled to avoid breaking off. With this, bear in mind that the best small needle nose vise grips have components that are highly durable.

Pressure modification screw

This feature of the small needle nose vise grips also helps in the clamping process. Remember that the best locking pliers need to have pressure modification screw that can be gripped easily because of knurling. Screw settings can be done either before or after the clamping process of the pliers.

Grip-boosting handles

The materials made from the rubber-like substance are one of the factors that make an excellent locking plier that perfectly fits with the gripping handles. It can fit snugly on the two arms of the small needle nose vise grips. Besides, it can also be suited within the trigger release handle offering additional gripping power. Additionally, this feature also reduces hand fatigue.

List of Locking Pliers Set with Small Needle Nose Vise Grips

OUR TOP PICK: Crescent Locking Pliers Set

Product Name: Crescent Locking Pliers Set

Product Description: Crescent Locking Pliers Set has materials that entail standard specifications of durability and longer lasting tool. All locking pliers included in this set contain grip trigger release made of plastisol material. This will generally result in an easy opening and big recess of hex key once extra leverage is provided for tightening. Besides, both the head and body parts have a sleek design that operates well in confined spaces. Moreover, the Crescent Locking Pliers Set has a pair of locking pliers with various sizes including 5-inch, 7-inch, and 10-inch. Also, included here in this set are pair of small needle nose grips with sizes of 6-inch and 9-inch. This set has a built-in wire cutter as well which is made of high-quality nickel plate that met the ASME standards. Besides, these locking pliers in which some small needle nose vise grips are included are resistant to rust and corrosion. These set including the small needle nose vise grips permit for a non-slip grip feature due to the presence of the angled teeth in every pair. Aside from that, in order to meet an accurate clamping, it contains screw and trigger release handle that are generally adjustable. Another important feature of the Crescent Locking Pliers Set is the innovated design that offers excellent comfort and performance.

Availability: InStock

  • Sturdy
  • Durability
  • Value for money


Are you looking for locking pliers set that can entirely complete your toolbox? Well, these locking pliers set including the pair of small needle nose vise grips from Crescent is perfectly a great choice. This set is really good addition to add up to your stock of equipment.


  • Budget-friendly
  • With cushioned release handle
  • Includes adjustable knob for a tighter grip


  • Adjustment knob feature is hard to tighten


WORKPRO Locking Pliers Set

small needle nose vise grips

In case you are looking for locking pliers set that do not let you spend a lot of bucks, these locking pliers set from WORKPRO is a great one to consider. It generally includes three locking pliers such as the curved jaws with 10-inch and 7-inch and a straight-jaw of 6.5-inch. The said straight-jaw acts as small needle nose vise grips. Compared to other locking pliers set, the WORKPRO Locking Pliers Set which includes small needle nose vise grips contain grip made of rubber to use it comfortably.

Key features:

  • Has tooth mouth with a circular saw and strong handle for a non-slip feature
  • Contains Rivet connection for a strong and durable tool
  • Includes levers with two-pieces of handlebar grips for excellent clamping force
  • Entails ergonomic style
  • Quick-release
  • Highly suitable for small pieces in terms of holding, gripping, and twisting functions  
  • Affordable locking pliers option with small needle nose vise grips
  • Handle made of rubber for more comfort
  • Not that durable compared to other options


Regardless of your line of work or the projects that you spend during your spare time, you can actually do not get enough clamps. The WORKPRO is an ultimate creation of three-piece locking pliers set that has the curve and the straight jaw or the small needle nose vise grips. Due to this feature, the WORKPRO has the ability to clamp on round and flat pieces. That’s why these locking pliers set is a great buy.

Irwin Vise-Grip Set

small needle nose vise grips

Actually, it is highly impossible to attempt gripping a piece of the nail into a big pair of pliers. Because of this impracticability, the Irwin Vise-Grip Set is a great choice for as it has small needle nose vise grips which results in a finer outcome. Its material comes from a steel alloy which went on a heat-treatment process for more years of durability.

Package inclusion of the Irwin Vise-Grip Set contains curved jaw round-nose pliers measuring 7-inch and small needle nose vise grips of 6-inch. These locking pliers includes wire cutter located into the jaw. Due to this, clamping and cutting using one tool are highly possible for Irwin Vise-Grip Set.

Another important feature that it has is the additions of a trigger release handle and a pressure adjustment screw on its part. Moreover, it has teeth that are actually hard, durable, and has the ability to bite deeper. This action guarantees a really tight hold making this Irwin Vise-Grip Set an ideal small needle nose vise grips.

  • Contains four tools completing the locking pliers set
  • Results to a finer work through the inclusion of small needle nose vise grips
  • The design is suitable for long-reach setup
  • A little bit expensive


Spending most of your time inside your garage will generally let you hear about the vise grips more often. Actually, the Irwin Vise-Grip Set is the most popular household name in terms of tools and equipment including small needle nose vise grips. In case you already used these locking pliers set, you’ll definitely get to know how amazing this product is.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Basically, one type of pliers is the vise-grip which has a locking feature that can hold the objects to prevent slipping. Usually, “locking pliers” is the trade name for this vise-grip.


A: Generally, vise is a noun in American English which defines gripping or clamping equipment. Moreover, being a verb, the word vise refers to the force or squeeze. With this two, the British spelling for this word is vice.


A: Below is the process in releasing a vise grip:

  1. Initially, hold the small needle nose vise grips using your hands.
  2. Basically, press the inside tab into one of the handles.
  3. Put the mouth of the small needle nose vise grips around the body of the object that you want to hold or twist.
  4. Moreover, tightly squeeze both of the handles around the object.
  5. Through the small needle nose vise grips, either pull or twist the object until it loosens or removed.

Final Thoughts

The small needle nose vise grips are also called as the locking pliers. These types of pliers generally act to grip, hold, pull, and turn small items. Moreover, purchasing this kind of tool entails several factors that should be taken into account. The factors include the jaw style, versatility, release mechanism, size, durability, handles, and other features that come with it.

Aside from that, in terms of the vise grips, opting for a high-quality one is basically a great idea of investment for a long time period. Instead of going after a cheap tool, it is actually ideal to put your money on vise grips that can withstand the test of time over the years.