Best Protractor for Woodworking – Top 5 Picks!

Doing woodworks generally entails a variety of activities like measuring, laying-out, cutting, and remodelling. These activities usually demand the use of necessary tools and equipment in order to make each project a success. That’s why you need to work with the help of the best protractor for woodworking.

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We have here the list of the best performing protractors in town for you to have an idea of their specific features and unique characteristics. Also, we will give the important things that you might need to consider before you buy this measuring tool. Check them out below!

What is a digital protractor?

There are actually different variants of protractors being used in the construction industry. Aside from the square sets, bevel protractors, and depth gauges, you can also purchase and use digital protractors and angle gauges. Generally, the digital protractor automatically measures the angle without reading the scale.

Moreover, this kind of protractor comes with a digital display which reflects the angle on the screen. The digital protractor or also known as the angle gauge has three buttons – “on/off” button, the “hold” and the “zero” button. Most of the digital protractors available in the market mimic the bevel protractor. However, there are also other types of digital protractors that come along the way.

You may see some digital protractors which have a small box usually located on the left side. Basically, the placement of this box is on the surface in order to identify the angle. There are also digital protractors that only have two buttons: the “on/off” and “zero” buttons. The other terms for these tools are the digital angle gauges or the digital inclinometers.

How to use the best digital protractor?

Basically, the way on how to use the best protractor may highly depend on the device that you are using. Remember, not all protractors have similar settings, buttons, and modes.

Using the best protractor based on horizontal measurement mode


Generally, the “horizontal measurement mode” can be identified through the icon such as the ABS.


Over an angled surface, put the digital protractor which will result with an angle showing on the digital display. The resulting angle basically utilizes the horizontal plane or the level surface as the base.

Using the best protractor based on relative measurement mode


Initially, set the angle that you’d like to measure using the digital protractor.


Pressing the “zero” button will generally reset the display angle of the digital protractor back to zero.


Generally, set the digital protractor on the desired angle. Keep in mind that the measurement shown over the display screen is the angle from the first angle on Step 1 and the next angle.

What to look for when buying the best protractor for woodworking?

Generally, a protractor is an essential measuring tool that you need to have inside your toolbox. This is actually necessary for constructors, woodworkers, or just doing basic home maintenance. Protractor is basically important in doing every woodwork such as cutting angles and wood joints.

Actually, the digital protractor has two categories – the professional and the amateur. The amateur type is basically applicable as an instrument for use for multiple times. Meanwhile, working under a professional field necessitates the use of the professional type of digital protractor.

Moreover, modern-day protractors have various standard styles and contain digital gauges for the purpose of providing accuracy. Some of these protractors usually have small box display. The style does not generally have an impact on the accuracy but the brand, as well as the technology, will have an effect on the way the best protractor for woodworking works.

Here are the major things that you need to consider when you opt to buy the best protractor for woodworking:


Generally, this factor is the most essential thing for consideration in terms of choosing the best protractor for woodworking. This feature will help you to get any measurements without gaining errors. It is basically ideal to choose the best protractor for woodworking if you are after the particular angle measurement. Remember this tool becomes very accurate when it comes on a tenth of a degree which may not be provided by the manual type of protractor.

In case you experience some issues on angles determination or not, this is highly dependent on the tool that you used. There is some that permit angle calibration depending on the surface it is located. If you are really selective based on the accuracy of your tool, then it is generally advisable to choose one that provides simple calculations.

Wide Range of Measurement

Basically, the best protractor for woodworking has the capability to measure the angles from 0 to 360 degrees. Having a wide range of measurement generally provides versatility over the instrument in terms of dealing with various projects. This feature is actually performed by the best protractor for woodworking in just seconds.

Inclusion of Level

It is highly important to verify if the best protractor for woodworking includes a level. This feature actually gives convenience as it saves your effort of going through the level and finder in every single cut. Moreover, this factor also gives a difference in terms of working on a particular project.


All products, including the different tools and instruments, in the market come from different materials. Due to this, some are durable and others are not. One good example of this is the best protractor for woodworking made of stainless steel that may be costly but may be used for long years. This is highly comparable with protractor made of light plastic materials.

Additional Internal Measurement Characteristics

Some protractors basically entail just only one function. But, the best protractor for woodworking has functions which provide easier work. One of the important additional characteristics is the cut calculator. The function of this feature is to guarantee that every piece you cut falls on the exact way that you desire.

Some instruments contain Bluetooth technology which allows backing up data over the phone or any mobile device. Having this, the ease of carrying the work data anywhere is highly possible.

However, these additional measurement characteristics may affect the price of the best protractor for woodworking. In case, you really don’t need such a feature, it is actually a waste of money if you opt for that kind of tool. Perhaps, if your work or project demands for such attributes, choosing the best protractor for woodworking that has the ability to perform all these features may actually a great value for money.


Generally, the best protractor for woodworking is far more costly compared to the manual type of protractor. A one-time project may only require you to have a pocket-friendly protractor. On the other hand, basically invest in the best protractor for woodworking that may last for long years if you have long-term projects.

Top 5 List of the Best Protractor for Woodworking

OUR TOP PICK: Wixey WR418 Digital Protractor

Product Name: Wixey WR418 Digital Protractor

Product Description: Wixey WR418 Digital Protractor is primarily the number one on our list of the best protractor for woodworking. Why is it so? Basically, it contains long blades which measure 18 inches in length and provides an accuracy and repeatability of about +/- 0.1 Degree. Aside from that, a great feature of this Wixey WR418 Digital Protractor is its Miter Set-Inch feature which automatically computes the right angle in order to cut perfect miters. The range of this best protractor for woodworking covers at least +/- 180 Degrees. Moreover, it has heavy duty blades made of aluminum materials with magnets embedded over the edges. This generally permits its attachment on tables made of cast iron or other surfaces made of steel for the purpose of an easy angle setting.

Availability: InStock

  • Accuracy
  • Readability
  • Easy to use


The Wixey WR418 Digital Protractor has aluminum blades that are actually heavy-duty and include reliable magnets. This highly allows its attachment over metal tables and other steel surfaces. With its function to position the miter and bevel angles, this best protractor for woodworking applications is generally a great buy.


  • Has the ability to measure angle from any plane

  • Highly position the miter and bevel angles over woodworking machine

  • Works well on measuring and laying-out

  • Contains strong magnets over the blade edges

  • Blades are highly adjustable for tightening to hold measurements


  • None so far


Bosch Digital Angle Finder GAM 220 MF

best protractor for woodworking

Bosch Digital Angle Finder GAM 220 MF is the next best protractor for woodworking as it is a four tool comes in one form. It is actually an angle finder, a protractor, a level, and a cut calculator. In terms of angle reading, it may never be an issue as the display box is flipping and illuminates which makes reading really easy.

Moreover, this best protractor for woodworking contains a miter cut calculation with an input range of about 0-220 Degrees plus a compound cut calculator. With this and its clearly labelled buttons, the computations come in a very straightforward manner. Aside from that, the Bosch Digital Angle Finder GAM 220 MF offers angle memory in order to give a similar measurement of angles in various areas of the project. Generally, this tool is a perfect match for carpenters, contractors, and remodelers.

Key Features

With a flip display that illuminates in order to have better readability of angles and ease of use

Provides an accurate measurement of angles of about +/-0.1 Degree from the range of 0 to 220 Degrees

Has robust housing of IP54 protection which protects the tool from external elements like dust and water

Package inclusion of one piece digital angle finder, one piece of leg extension, one piece of the hard thermoformed case, and four pieces of AA 1.5V batteries

  • Provides excellent versatility
  • With great angle memory
  • Highly durable
  • None so far

The Verdict

Most of the comprehensive projects demand having a protractor, angle finder, level, and a cut calculator. Knowing this, the Bosch Digital Angle Finder GAM 220 MF has it all for you. So, if you are more after versatility and durability, this best protractor for woodworking is the perfect one for you.  

GemRed Digital Protractor

The GemRed Digital Protractor is a multifunction digital protractor which makes its way on the list of the best protractor for woodworking. Generally, this tool acts to measure the angle and length as well as the metric and imperial scales. In terms of woodworking options, the GemRed Digital Protractor basically has the ability to adjust the angles of various saw such as the band, table, and miter saw.

Moreover, this best protractor for woodworking quickly measures angles with an accuracy of about +/- 0.3 Degree. It contains two buttons that highly offer an easy operation process. One great feature of the GemRed Digital Protractor is its good locking ability that could lock angle measurement in any position.

Further, it is very compact which makes it very convenient to carry and use anywhere. The ruler that it contains comes from highly durable brush made of stainless steel material. It is very versatile for use in various fields.

Key Features

Contains locking screw to conveniently hold the ruler at any angle

The ruler material is made of stainless steel

With an easy-to-get CR2032 coin battery

Package inclusion of one piece protractor made of 82305 stainless steel, one piece of an instruction manual, one piece of the color box, one piece of transparent insert, and one piece of desiccant

  • Combination of ruler and protractor
  • Contains highly durable rulers
  • Offers high accuracy
  • Great locking function
  • Practicability
  • Have sharp edges which may dangerous for kids

The Verdict

The GemRed Digital Protractor comes in different styles and lengths and with its two-button function, it is fast in generating process and accurate in providing results at any angle. Generally, this best protractor for woodworking is really simple to operate in gaining measurements in terms of metric and imperial units. Due to this, the GemRed Digital Protractor is your perfect match.

General Tools Digital Angle 822

General Tools Digital Angle 822 is the best protractor for woodworking options as it has a range of measurement of around 0 to 360 Degrees and an accuracy of +/- 0.1 Degree. It is actually a mixture of rugged analog rulers and the digital technology for measuring reverse angles. This best protractor for woodworking actually features the lock and reverse settings and the jumbo LCD hinge mechanism.

Moreover, it highly operates the actual miter cuts through precise measurements in order to prevent waste. The construction material generally comes from high-quality stainless steel. Due to this, the General Tools Digital Angle 822 is highly suitable for use in most woodworking activity, framing, flooring, carpentry, and construction works.

  • Has a combination of digital stainless steel ruler and angle finder
  • Contains a lock and reverse functions
  • Ability to measure the inside and outside as well as the reverse angles
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Auto shutoff
  • Manual instructions are not clear

The Verdict

Generally, the General Tools Digital Angle 822 contains a really portable feature for most contractors over the field. Its arm also functions as a well-marked ruler at the same time. Moreover, it has Bluetooth connectivity feature that can save data over your phone. Thus, this best protractor for woodworking really gives you great value for money.

True Power Digital Protractor

best protractor for woodworking

The last item on our list of the best protractor for woodworking is the True Power Digital Protractor. This is actually a great measuring tool that provides quick and accurate measurement. Generally, it is highly suitable for verifying and distributing angles for different construction works.

These activities include the remodelling, counter and cabinet installation, fitting doors and windows, and many more. One of its great features is the back-lit digital readout and it also has the hold function in order to freeze the angle measurements.

  • Shuts off automatically after five minutes when not in use
  • Accuracy range of about 0.1 Degree
  • With display reading
  • Includes “Hold” function
  • Contains illuminated LCD display
  • Too big and bulky
  • May not give accurate result for some time

The Verdict

The True Power Digital Protractor is 16 inches long and has a fair range of measuring the angle from 0 to 225 Degrees. This best protractor for woodworking contains a hold function that is highly convenient in freezing measurements. Due to this, the True Power Digital Protractor is really a must-have tool.

Final Thoughts

The best protractor for woodworking is generally helpful in providing accurate measurements of angles and lengths. This measuring tool basically comes with a variety of style and functionalities. Moreover, buying this tool should need to consider several factors such as the accuracy, wide measurement range, level, quality, price, and other features that come with it.

Additionally, in terms of the protractor, buying for a high-quality one is actually a bright idea of investment in the long run. So, rather than purchasing a budget-friendly tool, it is basically ideal to stake your money on protractor that can last for years.