How to Attach a Headboard to a Platform Bed Frame – Guide 2020

Platform bed frames are generally more common compared to the traditional bed frames. They come in a sturdy wood back which allows for the attachment of a headboard. However, the firm construction of the platform bed frame makes the headboard out of the scene, yet placing a headboard over it is highly allowable and actually easy. We have here the step-by-step guide on how to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame.

Different Bed Frame Styles

Actually, choosing the appropriate size of the mattress is the main factor to consider when looking for the perfect type of bed frame. Yet, you must understand that there are also many other things to take into account such as the style of the bed frame. So, to help you determine the bed frame styles that match for you, here is our basic guide to give you some idea about it. 

Upholstered Bed Frame Style

Generally, the upholstered bed frame gives a luxurious look of the bed. Using this style of bed frame can offer an extremely comfortable bed. Moreover, the upholstered bed frame style can also easily suits a wide variety of spaces. 

If you wish to have this type of bed frame style, make sure that you opt for the one made of sturdy hardwoods. In addition, the colour and fabric that you must select should withstand a little wear for some time like the navy shades, gray, and deep purple. 

how to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame

Basically, this upholstered bed frame style perfectly suits bedrooms with classic and conventional-style. It is also a great match for a large master bedroom that requires the incorporation of some cosy feel.

  • Super comfy – it has a soft headboard and includes cushioned support to provide extreme comfort on reading and TV watching experience while in bed
  • Many varieties – the upholstered bed frame style entails various types of color, pattern, and fabric which means coming up with the design that blends well with your entire bedroom
  • High maintenance – in order to maintain the good shape of the upholstered bed frame, you’ll need to make a regular, light vacuuming over it. This will also help in keeping away the dust and pet hair. Basically, this bed frame style is actually not your perfect match if you are allergic to dust.
  • Less durable – generally, this is made of fabric which is less durable compared to wood or metals. This is very prone to wear and tear dents, and grease spots as time go.

Storage Bed Frame Style

Basically, storage bed frame style is a multipurpose and space-saving type of bed frame. The main purpose of designing this bed frame style is to maximize the storage space inside the bedroom.

If you want this bed frame style, it is advisable to choose a platform bed has built-in storage located at the base. This step will generally ensure to give your bed sturdy mattress support with the flat surface, deep storage areas, and a posh streamlined appeal.

Generally, the storage bed frame style is suitable for rooms with a modern and eclectic design like those in a city apartment where storage is very limited. Just ensure to provide extra space for pulling out the compartments on the under-bed. Also, this bed frame style is perfect for kids bedrooms where extra and easy storage is a must.

  • Storage capability – the storage bed frame style has a built-in cabinet in the bed frame which makes it a single cohesive unit where you can store everything
  • Sturdy – the materials of this bed frame style is generally strong woods which result in good looks and solid structure
  • The difficulty of moving – generally, the storage bed frame style are heavy due to the incorporation of additional parts and pieces. It is basically a one big furniture piece that might be very hard to move.
  • More expensive – this bed frame style comes at a more expensive price
  • Hard to maintain – actually, the hardware and track rollers that are integral parts of the storage piece below the bed is really hard to maintain. There may come a time that it may fall or loose out that high demand for repair.

Headboard Style

In case your bed do not have any full bed frame, the option of placing an appealing headboard is a nice alternative. The materials of this standalone furniture come from solid or kiln-dried hardwoods. It can also be an upholstered piece that blends well with bedroom design and beddings.

If you are tight on a budget, you can actually switch on to this style of bedroom furniture. Moreover, this headboard is also a great match for guest rooms and even on the kid’s room. It actually gives a very simple and clean-lined look yet a cosy and versatile style.

  • Budget-friendly – going after this bed furniture can give you the choice of selecting the headboard alone. This is basically more cost-effective and offers lesser commitment. It operates under different range of settings such as the box spring or metal mattress stand.
  • Ease of moving – standalone headboards have an easy way of attaching and detaching into a bed frame which makes them easy to move.
  • Just an attachment piece – a headboard is not actually a bed frame that is fully attached on a bed. This is not a perfect choice if you want something that can also have the ability to hold the mattress.

Shelter Headboard Style

This is also headboard which generally comes in tall appearance which is wrapped a little along the sides. It basically resembles the frame style of the wingback chair. Moreover, it offers the feeling of safety around the bed, cradling you in very cosy comfort.

Choosing this headboard style necessitates you to opt for something that can fit the space as this comes in a taller and wider appearance. However, you must have to consider the height of the ceiling and the width measurement of your room. Also, a headboard with sides that do not hinder on the nightstands is another great option.

This style is a good match on a master bedroom where an elegant statement over the bed is needed. Aside from that, they are also great in making a cosy bedroom ambience.

  • Cosy – the shape and the chance of upholstering this headboard make a cosy feel to the bedroom space
  • A statement for style – the uniqueness of design is a way to create a statement which incorporates stylish flair on the bedroom
  • Too large – the size makes this bed accessory a little bit hard to move or not applicable to small spaces
  • Hinders the access – the wraparound edges style of this headboard can hinder the access to the nightstand. Your option would be to float the nightstands a little bit far from the way to have access on it. Or, you must have to be willing to reach further in order to grab something over the nightstand.
  • High maintenance – it actually requires additional cleaning and some kind of special treatment

Platform Bed Frame Style

The platform bed frame style is actually the most common style of frame for platform beds. They usually have a wide variety of styles and provides a sleeky and low-profile appeal. Looking for this bed frame style is easy as it just comes with a flat base. You only need to have a mattress, just it! Box spring is not actually required.

If you want to have this style, find one that really attracts you the most as their purpose is to offer comfort over the board. There are lots of styles of this bed frame that features hidden internal storage which is an extra plus for small-space occupants. Due to this, it is very suitable for small spaces like urban lofts or apartments with small space. Aside from that, they are also perfect for open floors due to its sleek look which won’t add visual clutter.

  • Affordable – this style is basically more affordable because box spring is not needed
  • Suitable with any mattress – using this bed frame style can also allow you to use any mattress type
  • Space-friendly – they generally have a sleek appearance which saves up more space thus minimizing the clutter
  • The difficulty of getting in and out of the bed – generally, this bed frame style comes low to the ground which makes the getting in and out of the bed a little bit hard. This could be a concern if you are experiencing back or knee problems.
  • Might be uncomfortable – the bed becomes firmer due to the position of the mattress which is on top of the solid platform. This is a concern for side-sleepers as the firm mattress can give pressure and uncomfy feel.
how to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame
Step-by-step guide on how to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame

To make it a little bit more elegant and appealing, many people tend to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame. Below is the detailed process on how to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame and all the needed materials:

Materials needed:
  • Bit – measuring 3/16-inch
  • Drill or driver
  • Drill bit – measuring 5/16-inch
  • Fir lumber – measuring 2x2x48-inch
  • Handsaw
  • Lag bolts with washers – measuring 1/4×3-inch
  • Ratchet
  • Socket – measuring ¼-inch
  • Wood glue
  • Wood screws – measuring 1 ½-inch and 3-inch
Step 1:

Initially, the step on how to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame is to place the headboard. The location of it must be on its back. Generally, measure the length of legs of the headboard.

Step 2:

The next step on how to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame is cutting off the fir lumber with a measurement of about 2×2-inch. Moreover, using the drill or driver and the 3/16-inch bit, drill holes over even spaces. The number of holes to be drilled must be at least four. 

Subsequently, apply some glue and through the use of the 3-inch screws, attach them inside the legs of the headboard. This step on how to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame is for the purpose of flushing the screws on the front leg. Generally, these are the cleats of the screw that will attach the headboard to a platform bed frame.

Step 3:

The way on how to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame needs the standing of the headboard in its designated position. Remember that this should be against the platform bed frame. Moreover, it should be the headboard feet touching flatly on the floor and tightly against the platform bed frame sides.  

By holding the drill in a horizontal position, drill at least three holes with even spaces between them using a drill bit of about 5/16-inch. These holes should be drilled through the screw cleats. The purpose of doing this step on how to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame is to make the holes face the platform bed frame.

Step 4:

Moreover, the next thing to do on how to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame is to put the bit with a measurement of 3/16-inch to the drill or driver. Basically, make pilot holes intended for lag screws by drilling all the way via the holes with a measurement of 5/16-inch going to the platform bed.

Step 5:

Subsequently, attach the washers on the lag bolts measuring 1/4×3-inch and then put the bolts all over the holes. Using a ¼-inch socket together with the ratchet, drive the bolts tightly.

Step 6:

Moreover, drill another four holes via the horizontal stretcher rail. This should be generally between the headboard legs and should be tight against the back of the bed. In the center of the rail, drill holes using the 3/16-inch bit. Finally, put screws measuring 1 1/2-inch screw into the holes and at the back of the bed, tightly drive the screws in order to screw the horizontal rail.


Do not drive the lag screws too tight. Once the screws bite and start resisting ratchet that is an indication that it is already tight. 

Helpful Tips:

In order to secure the platform bed into the headboard prior to the drilling and screwing process, it is ideal to attach the clamp on both legs and tighten it.

Final Thoughts

How to attach a headboard to a platform bed frame is actually an easy project. The required materials are highly available and the instruction of doing so is very simple. However, to successfully achieve an attractive one, just make sure to strictly follow the steps entail with it. Also, take extra caution so that you can accomplish this project in an easy and safe way.