Best Hammer for Finishing Nails – 5 Top Options to Buy

The best hammer for finishing nails will make your job a lot easier. The last thing you need is to end up with more dents into the nearby surfaces when driving the finishing nails. Yes, you do not just pick any hammer and expect it to work great as a finishing hammer.

If you have not used such a hammer before, then we recommend that you take your time to look at our guide. It has all the information that you need to make up your mind about the best hammer for finishing nails.

HammerBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
Estwing E12S Hammer with Genuine Leather Grip Check Price
IRWIN Hammer, Fiberglass General Purpose Hammer Check Price
Fiskars IsoCore 16oz Rip Claw Finishing Hammer Check Price
Dalluge DDT16 Titanium Hammer Check Price
Stanley STHT51246 Steel Hammer Check Price

How to Choose the Best Hammer for Finishing Nails

The Design

The overall design of the best hammer for finishing nails can make it the right tool for the project. So, how does the best hammer for finishing nails look like? The hammer is likely to have a smooth face compared to some other options in the market.

The smooth face is important so that it does not end up leaving dents in the surface around where you are nailing.

Also, the hammer will be further reinforced for durability as you would be using it for long hours at times. As such, you need a highly durable hammer for the job.


You also have to consider the length of the hammer. It should generally be the standard size to make your work easier. There are those who go for smaller hammers thinking they would be perfect for finishing nails.

The short hammers will reduce your leverage, as such, you end up using too much force to drive the nails. If you can use less energy, then it would even be better.


Another thing to consider about the best hammer for finishing nails should be its versatility. It does not have to be a hammer that you can only use for finishing nails but other projects too. If you can get a model with rip claws, then you would know it would be great for other applications.

Having the rip claws also makes it good for different pros. You can find DIYers, carpenters, roofers, and many others using the same type of hammer if it is good at its job.

Build Quality

The overall build quality is crucial for those who hope to use the finishing hammer for years down the line. So, look at how the manufacturer has built the hammer. Make sure that you are getting the right hammer with the best build quality.

It is a common trend right now to see the hammers having a forged one-piece construction. This type of construction reduces the lines of weaknesses so that you can handle different types of applications with ease.

The Handle Material

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the handle material. This is likely to vary a lot from one manufacturer to another. Some will be made of steel but then covered with some additional material to reduce the vibrations from reaching the hand.

Others would be made of fiberglass material. This material is light, so it will make the weight of the hammer to be lower. Even though fiberglass is lightweight, it is still strong to give you the best durability you have always wanted for a hammer.

The Price

The price can range from anywhere $10 to $200 for the best hammer for finishing nails. There are some models that can be quite expensive for a hammer. Nevertheless, you need to look at what you get for the price. If you find that the features are worth the money, then it should not be hard to get the hammer even if it is expensive.


One thing is for sure, before you can buy a hammer, there will be someone who has used it before. It is now good to learn from the experience of other people. It is why we recommend that you check out the reviews about the best hammer for finishing nails to find the correct one for the job.

Look at what people say about its finishing capabilities. The last thing you need is to end up with the wrong hammer for the job.

Top 5 Best Hammer for Finishing Nails

Our Topic Pick

Our Top Pick: Estwing E12S Hammer with Genuine Leather Grip

Product Name: Estwing E12S Hammer with Genuine Leather Grip

Product Description: If you are going to end up with the best hammer for finishing nails, then this is a nice consideration to get today. The manufacturer has forged it into one piece. The results are that you end up with the most durable and long-lasting hammer for the money. The hammer also comes with the rip claw versatility. Even if you use it for finishing nails, the same can be used for pulling nails, demolition work, splitting wood, prying boards, and more. Such versatility is what you want if you want to enjoy the value for money. This hammer is built for different types of pros. It could be framers, finishers, contractors, DIYers and carpenters. They can all find it being a useful piece of hardware in their toolbox. The genuine leather grip stands out as one of the best own today. This is because it would give you the right grip that you need to handle different applications with ease. The handle is even lacquered so that it feels comfortable. Well, those who always love the Made in America products, then this is a nice choice too. It is made in Rockford, IL using the finest steel from America.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Giftable
  • Comfort


This type of hammer is forged into one piece. The aim is to keep it durable and strong for various striking applications. Having the rip claw further makes it highly versatile. You can use it for different types of applications that you can imagine.

The hammer is all about giving the pros the best hammer for different applications. This means that different types of pros can use it today. This includes the framers, roofers, carpenters, and more.


✔️Strong construction

✔️Built for different pros

✔️Comes with a comfortable handle


❌Some might feel it is expensive for a hammer

Runner’s Up

IRWIN Hammer, Fiberglass General Purpose Hammer

IRWIN as a brand is known for making the best hammers in the market. So, we can expect that this one will be great in terms of performance. We like the fact that it is forged and it does then come with the best durability. You can never go wrong with a forged hammer when it comes to its durability.

The manufacturer made it to have the ProTuch grip which is all about giving the user maximum comfort. Even if you keep using the hammer for hours on a project, it will still feel comfortable.

Having the smooth face will leave fewer marks on the surfaces. Considering you would be using the finishing nails, then it should feel a lot more comfortable using this type of hammer.

The fiberglass construction for the handle is all about keeping the weight low. Also, the fiberglass material will absorb most of the vibrations to reduce the fatigue that the user is likely to experience.

The hybrid handle design is also about having more comfort and perfect fit.

  • The forged steel head delivers on the best durability
  • The grip feels comfortable even for prolonged use
  • The hybrid handle design improves the fit
  • The face can start to get dents after a while

Fiskars IsoCore 16oz Rip Claw Finishing Hammer

This type of hammer is ideal for those who want to drive the small nails into the various surfaces without damaging the surrounding surfaces. It is why we had to have it on our list of best hammer for finishing nails. You never have to worry about denting the other surfaces.

The other thing to like about it should be the patented IsoCore shock control system. This type of system will absorb the shock better to leave you with a better experience when using the hammer. The same design is also good for absorbing vibrations and reduce the fatigue even further.

The insulation sleeve captures all the initial strike shock so that it does not reach your hand. There is no doubt you would be comfortable using this type of hammer for extended sessions.

There is also the dual layer handle that has more vibration dampening materials to improve the user experience.

  • Good for finishing applications
  • The handle has the right material to reduce vibrations
  • The rip claw makes it versatile
  • The insulation sleeve does not have the best durability

Dalluge DDT16 Titanium Hammer

The use of titanium material gives you the assurance of ending up with a strong and lightweight hammer for the job. There is no doubt that many people would appreciate having a lightweight hammer especially when they have to handle multiple projects for hours.

The model also comes with a patented shock absorbing design. This is to help the user work for long hours without necessarily feeling too much fatigue.

There is also the Nailoc magnetic hail holder. This type of feature is good for handling different types of nails so that you can have an easy time driving the finishing nails.

You will also like the unique overstrike guard feature. This feature gives you more handle protection when working on a project.

There is also the side nail puller as part of the design. This can give you the extra leverage that you need to pull those nails. The reinforced claws will also give you the added strength on overall.

  • The smooth face reduces the chances of dents into a surface
  • The reinforced claws improve the overall strength
  • It comes with a patented shock absorbing design
  • It is pricey

Stanley STHT51246 Steel Hammer

Stanley is a top brand, so this is going to be the best hammer for finishing nails too. You will see that when you get to learn more about the features of the hammer.

The first thing that people like should be its construction. It is a one-piece forged high-carbon steel hammer. Being one piece makes it strong since the lines of weakness have been reduced.

The grip handle is also liked for its color. The yellow color makes it easily visible. Even if you have multiple tools at a site, it should be easy to locate it. Also, the comfortable grip should make it an ideal hammer to own today.

There is also the tempered rim to further help reduce the cases of chipping and spalling when using the hammer. It is then a nice tool to use for different applications.

The hammer has a nice precision balance. This will make it efficient for nail driving applications you might have in mind.

  • Made of high-carbon steel
  • Comes with a comfortable grip handle
  • Efficient in nail driving
  • Some feel the overall grip of the handle could be better


Are hammers for finishing nails expensive?

Such hammers cost over a wide range, so whichever budget that you have, there is a chance to get the best hammer for the price. You need to make sure that the hammer you get is good in terms of durability, performance, and many other important features.

Can you use any hammer for finishing nails?

No. The hammer that you choose for finishing nails needs to be customized to do that particular job. Even though some hammers can be versatile to do more jobs, just make sure that it can handle the finishing job better.

Where else can you use the best hammer for finishing nails?

Depending on the design and construction of the hammer, it can be a versatile one. If it comes with rip claws, then the hammer can be good for carpenters, roofers, DIYers, and much more.


Now that you know more about the best hammer for finishing nails, it should be easy to pick the right one. All the options we have mentioned above can give you the best performance even if it means working on a project for long hours. It is easy to note that all come with impressive grips that also reduce the vibrations reaching the user. So, go ahead and get yourself the best hammer for finishing nails to make your job easier.