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When it comes to demolishing concrete, many contractors and DIYers will get perplexed from the tons of choices available to them. Tools from lightweight rotary hammers to mounted breakers are just some of the models available which work in various ways to drive metal into the concrete. Jackhammers are preferred for their simplicity and versatility. You will not have to deal with the mess, and the result is an efficient way of breaking up tough material such as concrete tiles and rocks. Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourself person who enjoys doing a home renovation, you will need to be equipped with the best electric jack hammer to have good work outcomes with zero accidents. 

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Best electric jack hammer–How A Jack Hammer Works

Jackhammers are also known as demolition hammers, pneumatic hammers, and electric hammers. Despite the various names, these are all simply jackhammers. You might have known that the traditional jackhammer is often seen at work on a road. You will see the jackhammer as a large tool that is powered by compressed air. Smaller jackhammers are also available, and they weigh less than 30 lbs. and are ideal for interior work to break down walls and other stuff to increase spaces.

A lot of jackhammers will have a spinning gear to drive a piston inside the cylinder. A jackhammer works this way: when you press down on to the handle, the air is carried from the compressor to the jackhammer via a valve. The air pressure forces the pile driver down and presses on the drill bit, smashing it into the area. This is how an air hammer works, but with an electric jackhammer, the mechanism is improved by using electric motors, which rotates a crank and converts the motor’s rotary movements into reciprocating motion, which in turn works its way into hammering the metal into the ground area or any material. 

Features to Look for In best electric jack hammer

Best Electric Jack Hammer

Noise Level

Jackhammers of the pneumatic type produce a lot of noise than electrical ones because of the mechanism used. Noise level control features in a jackhammer doesn’t just protect your ears but also makes sure that the job site and tool comply with noise restrictions. 

Vibration Control

An electric motor or pneumatic mechanism produces a lot of vibrations that can lead to diseases of the ear. Features that control vibration in a jackhammer such as the vibration dampening technology and internal shock absorber can protect from any disease or inconveniences while on the job. 

Accessible Power Controls and Dials

The power control and dial feature allow you to use the jackhammer effortlessly without taking your hands off the handle. The handle’s ergonomic design gives you the chance to operate the machine effortlessly even with gloves. 

Insulated Plugs

The insulated touch feature is something you should look for in an electric jackhammer since it will let you operate the tools safely, even when it is wet outdoors. 

LEDs and Power Lights

The led and power lights incorporated in a jackhammer give you the signal when there is a need to replace the electric motor or if there is an issue with the cord that may destroy the motor. 

Speed Control and Start

A lot of demolition jackhammers come with the useful feature of variable speed control and soft starts for more efficient control and accuracy near delicate things like pipes conduits and other breakables. 

Button Control

The lock-on button control feature gives you the chance to grip the tool firmly for long-term use without inconvenience. 

Cord Length

You have the option to use an extension cord, but it would be good to go for a jackhammer that already provides a long cord since it will come in handy in a lot of conditions. 

Best electric jack hammer- different Types 

No one jackhammer is perfect, which can suit everyone’s needs. Because of this, jackhammers come in various types, and you can choose the ideal one according to the requirements of the job. There are at least 3 well-known types of demolition hammers on the market. 

Electric Jack Hammer

If you are a do it yourself person, the best jackhammer for you would be an electric one rather than any other model. Electric jackhammers are easy to use and do not give off a noise like other types. They are affordable as well, and portable, plus they work in colder temperatures and do not require a pricey external power source. 

Pneumatic Jack Hammer

Jackhammers of the pneumatic type are also known as power hammers and air hammers. The larger models of this type are widely seen in construction job sites. There are also lighter models of air hammers on the market. Compared to electric jackhammers, a pneumatic jackhammer utilizes compressed air to demolish or break up stones, metals, and other tough material. Overall, this tool is utilized to give a smooth surface area or cut through a surface or dig holes. It replaces the classic hammer and chisel but with extra power and strength. 

However, this tool may lack accuracy in the final results, but that doesn’t mean it compromises the hammer power it gives. Pneumatic jackhammers are usually attached to a hose or pipe connected to a compressed air tank. The air tank moves up air and pumps it, making the pistons move. 

Hydraulic Hammer

Hydraulic hammer type is not used in home projects nor chosen by DIYers because it costs a lot and is more suitable for larger-scale jobs. These hammers are often seen in action in roads under construction. Jackhammers of the hydraulic type are used for demolition of objects and crushing rocks into tinier pieces. These hammers are attached to an excavator and work on the laws of hydraulics. 

A canister is attached containing pressurized hydraulic oil, which the hammer utilizes to produce high pressure. Hydraulic hammers are more powerful than any other type. Also, their force will depend on the piston strokes and their size. 

Different Types of Chisel–best electric jack hammer

Flat Tip

Chisel of flat tip type provides direction and control, and finer finishes in edges. 

Stake Drivers

 Stakes are used to drive concrete when using stake drivers. 


Spades give flat finishes and concrete and edging in dirt. 

Flex Chisels

Flex type chisels are flexible metal blades utilized for the removal of tiles. 


Scarbblers give a smooth finish to surfaces and are also utilized for cleaning prior to bonding. 


Points are used for demolishing and breaking tough material 

Brushing Tools

Brushing tools are made up of many carbon points that are utilized for cleaning the seams and knocking off rough spots on cement. 

Best electric jack hammer–Safety Tips 

Best Electric Jack Hammer

Typical to any other power tool, safety measures must be observed while working with the jackhammer. The use of a pair of safety gloves makes sure that a firmer grip is made possible when working with the tool and stops any slips caused by sweaty hands. At the same time, safety glasses should also be used to shield against debris and dust from entering the user’s eye. It is also crucial to wear a helmet or hard hat to avoid any injuries to the head from falling concrete and debris. 

Firm Pressure

When you are operating a demolition hammer, it is vital to keep a firm and tight grip on it simultaneously as you are pressing it firmly down into the surface you are demolishing to minimize serious accidents. 

Top 3 best electric jack hammer



Product Name: Makita Electric Jack Hammer

Product Description: This best electric jack hammer is a top choice for consumers who are after a high-power electric jackhammer. This best electric jack hammer includes chisels and a storage cart, which gives it value for money compared to other jackhammers. This best electric jack hammer also comes with anti-vibration technology, which minimizes the strain on your arms and hands. This feature also directs more of the machine's force into the surface you are chipping away. The machine comes with ac dc switches so you should be able to power it up regardless of the power supply available. This best electric jack hammer also comes with safety features. It has an automatic brush off, which shields and extends the life of the commutator. Other vital features of this best electric jack hammer include LED lights, which signal cord damage or damaged switch, thus reducing serious accidents. Although the handle on this best electric jack hammer has an odd construction and they're prone to some quality control problems, issues ever arising are rare.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Power
  • Accessories


Overall, this best electric jack hammer is quite expensive, but it comes with tons of value to explain the high price. If you are looking to have the best tool for the job with the best electric jack hammer on sale, this model should give you satisfaction. 


  • Powerful motor 
  • Anti-Vibration Technology
  • L.E.D. power light


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

XtremepowerUS Electric Jack-Hammer

XtremepowerUS Electric

 This best electric jack hammer comes with a lot of features at a lower price giving it value for money. Apart from the jackhammer it also comes with a case and safety gloves, which give protection to both the user and the machine. Two chisels are also included in this best electric jack hammer so you can work at once on any project. This best electric jack hammer also comes with an anti-vibration system, so using it is more convenient. A lot of workers don’t feel tired after using this model because of these features. 

Another vital feature included in this best electric jack hammer is the speed control, which allows the jackhammer to maintain its speed even if you replace materials or work with tougher objects. The consistency of the speed provides you control and helps minimize accidents. The only challenge with this model is that a small number of models have been sold with issues about oil leaking out. However, you can always replace your malfunctioning unit with a properly working one, but the process can be a hassle since you shouldn’t have a damaged unit in the first place. Overall, this best electric jack hammer gives a lot of value for money, especially if the oil leak problems are fixed. This model could have been ranked higher if not for this problem. 

  • perfect for demolition, chipping, breaking holes and more
  • The adjustable grip provides extra control
  • suitable to use at home and business
  • Some units malfunction

TR Industrial Electric Jack-Hammer

TR Industrial Electric

This best electric jack hammer is a decent midrange jackhammer, and although its price is affordable that many consumers will consider it a good choice for home and DIY use, some flaws are obvious, which makes it less valuable. This best electric jack hammer includes a spade chisel. A lot of users underrate the chisel spade because they think they will never use it. However, if you live in an area where there is rocky or tough ground, the spade chisel will be useful. This best electric jack hammer also comes with a carrying case and other useful extras such as goggles and gloves, which means you do not have to make additional purchases. 

The price of this best electric jack hammer is affordable, so you know you are getting bang for your buck if you examine the extras that come with this unit. However, this best electric jack hammer may have quality control issues because the motor is exposed, and you will be moving a lot of dirt and dust as you work. The dust and dirt will soon damage the exposed motor in no time, so you will need to replace the brushes regularly. Because of this, the model will need costly maintenance. A lot of consumers will like the initial price, but in the long run, it will be expensive. 

  • super heavy-duty electric jackhammer
  • Industrial grade speed
  • includes three large steel chisels
  • Expensive maintenance

Final Thoughts

Best Electric Jack Hammer

Modern power tools make tasks easier and more precise. The toughest job in construction is wearing down concrete and breaking it up to build new structures. This job can be tricky and dangerous, so expertise is needed. Invest in the best electric jack hammer for safety, durability, and efficiency, which will result in the best outcomes on the construction site.